Warrior Soul of Adventure

The core of warrior soul is the mindset of adventure that breaks ordinary limitations of what previously was personally possible.
In authentic sense it isn't displayed to gather praise or veneration, though wake left in course of achieving an objective may encourage similar reaction. 

Bright colors put on during hunts and spiritual quests by indigenous people are external signs signifying a total commitment to the mission intended. Also by donning frightening masks and colors a warrior's mind is energized to leave ordinary reality behind, his previous identity. 

Though it would be limiting to think that a warrior archetype could come up on a stage of action only in circumstances involving physical domination of the other. More often than not warrior soul appears in the midst of inner experience, in the face of fear held by limitation of habitual identity. 

To experience warrior soul fitness you don't have to be a record breaker as a measure. To call on a warrior's strength within you, decide to surrender to the act previously avoided. It needs to be guided by behavior and ability grounded in meaning. What contributes to your life and life of others is meaningful. 

Self-guided travel is a likely playground for a warrior fitness of adventurer. Unknown route, remote location, challenging environment, thirst for discovery — all can present an opportunity for personal heroism. It may not represent something extraordinary in the eyes of the world for it to be a fearless travel for you — the perspective to connect with the source of fearlessness in you. 

If you are getting to know who you are, then you can come in alignment with that part of you — fearless soul to rise and move you across personal terror line, something previously perceived as "impossible".

If we really apply ourselves, then nothing is impossible to us. If we really apply ourselves in accordance to our abilities, we can accomplish anything we set out to do.

Warrior Soul Manifestation Qualities

  • Determination. It is a complete fusion of self with objective, where behavior is guided solely by the vision of accomplishment. Option of not doing it is completely banished.

  • Surrender. It not a surrender in a sense of being dominated by the obstacles or challenges. It is merging to be one with the process of achieving. It is dropping resistance to being challenged, acceptance of uncertainty to rolling with punches.

  • Fearlessness. It is defined by total commitment, which is freedom from all other choices and attachments. Fearlessness of a warrior emanates in total presence, nothing is held back and all the bridges are burned.

  • Adaptability. It is a flexibility in means of achieving objective. There is no reservations to give up based on limits of personal identity - "I am not the kind of person who can do that..." In others words it is an attitude of readiness to overcome the old self — to transcend, to re-invent anew. There is not much concern with the comfort of this transition. Here warrior soul appears fierce to those who hide in safety of fear.

  • Calmness. Agitated mind is a mind on the verge of defeat. Mind of a determined warrior is abiding in calmness of single-pointed focus, with awareness directing its emotions to strengthen the vision of the goal.

It is your motivation toward a goal that invokes and directs these qualities of a warrior — acts of personal heroism.

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