Walking Alone For Creativity And Health.

There are so  many benefits of walking alone and it only makes sense to set up your travel plans which would include segments of it, at least occasionally. This probably shouldn’t be emphasized because the beauty of travel is that most of the time, it requires you to walk to explore and discover the place for yourself. But it is not exclusively like tat. So to encourage more active approach to travel, lets look why we can actually walk for happiness.


  • Walking can be very helpful in the act of physical movement itself. What is happening that the movement itself breaks down the loop of neural connections in the brain thus presenting an opening for spontaneous connections to be formed. On a level of perceptual awareness it translates into a feelings of release and lightness, in a way of a relief from the inner oppression of rumination.
  • Walking alone offers an opportunity to stop a distraction of verbal expression and give an opening to notice inner dialog, and distinguish the quality of self-talk that reveal to us  spiritual contents of our relative existence.  


  • Consider walking for creative insight as it might occur during walking alone due to the break in a monotony created by obsessive function of prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for the process of “making sense” out of the information gathered through all the perceptual channels of the body. 
  • Walking travel offers a passive dissolution of our conceptual relationship with the environment jolting our awareness into the present moment through the fact of the nuance and change. It more often than not requires our immediate attention to our body position and movement. Thus it forces our consciousness to reboot our habitual overlay with the immediacy of a new direct experience, which results in an improved mood.


That leads us to ancient wisdom of a mindfulness factor. When walking with intention, skillfully and actively training by bringing our awareness to the present moment suffused with array of external stimuli and inner sensations, our body produces restorative medicinal qualities occurring through cellular and molecular changes resulting in cognitive benefits of sharpened memory and attention.

By all means this is not an encouragement or endorsement for social isolation or introverted preference. It is only a suggestion of a choice to accelerate self-awareness.

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