Keep A Trip Record
To Capture Inspiration.

Why would you put energy into creation of a trip record? You finally broke off the constraints of job and social obligations and it seem that now would be perfect time for leisure of doing nothing. There are types of travel like that, but this is an active one which is gently alert to the inner work. 

Recording your travel journey as it takes shape could prove significant later on for you and those connected to you. 

The value of travel experience will only increase in time as you proceed building authentic trip from a collection of many events infused with courage, spontaneity and adventure.

Once immersed in a trip holding a mindset of adventurer, you will open up to new dimension of discovery unfolding in front and within you. 
When in a middle of new-ness of experience, we have a fortunate advantage of curious investigator, whether object of curiosity is outside of us or it is our own state of mind. At the moment of immediate reflection, we have a fairly good rate of recall, but as time goes on, we tend to loose some details.

As you travel for longer period, the amount of impressions builds significantly. Without importance of making a trip record, your mind is bound to let some impressions perceived as ordinary through the lens of time go. But were they that ordinary? If you mindfully transfer your mind back in their midst, you will again recognize their value.

To be able to do so we need to create markers for vivid recollection. To recall your travel value in more subtle inner movements of realization of insight, lessons gained amidst dramatic and daring undertakings of solo experiences it would be imperative to keep a notebook of travel events. 

Your trip record will become even more important once you get inspired to communicate travel value to others. 

Whether you decide to share any part of your personal journey or continue to nourish your soul by drawing deeper meaning from adventure, keep on making a trip record.
Some people turn their travel journey record into books and movies: Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" for example. 

I know one high school teacher who draws profoundly fresh insight for his classes from the trip record of a multi-country trek he had over a decade ago. 

Prepare to keep travel journey record from the beginning. In time your holistic journey will continue to accrue more and more value.

  • Decide to be an active observer of travel experience, where explorer and occasionally a subject is you. Your trip observed in a context of soul therapy turn into a gold-mine of insight and fun if you assume neutrality of self-acceptance.

  • Try to see your environment with a freshness of mind of grounded innocence full of opportunities.

  • Set yourself with equipment to record personal travel experiences and turn it into beautiful story of self-discovery or meaning.

  • Make handwritten maps of your expeditions and mini excursions in unfamiliar places — illustrations of your own discoveries. Whether it could be a unique vista point in Zion National Park in Utah or overlooked little chapel in Italian Apennines. This article from Reuters offers interesting perspective on handwritten maps.

It is worth putting an effort into creation of a trip record.
"...Writing could be a kind of yoga. And yoga could take me, not just to some disembodied enlightenment, but straight into the heart of my quirky, mysterious life." 
Anne Cushman — Enlightenment for Idiots. 

As you continue to embrace more of your life, inner events will begin appearing as illustrious as external ones. Your synchronistic journey of self-discovery will begin to saturate your trip.

  • Commit to it.
  • Release it into the flow.
  • Have fun watching and participating.
  • Record It!

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