Travel Tantra - Power Of Symbols And Metaphors.

Travel Tantra is a method of being tuned into spiritual reality of your trip. The word tantra means "to weave through," a metaphor that points to the vibrant interlace of intelligent and living energies that permeate the essence of every cell of your body, every fleeting thought you have and every particle of the universe.

It is direct experience of indefinable mystery of true nature of things. This experience cannot be mediated by concepts. As a matter of fact, the concept actually stops this experience. But it could be perceived through symbols.

Travel Tantra is a shift in internal vantage point to begin "receiving" messages from all and parts of your environment. Symbols communicate something and since they are not concepts, they cannot be limited in perceptual longevity. They are like dreams, which have a strong feeling and impression but cannot be expressed in conceptual terms.

A symbol is an object seen or felt or experienced as possessing a heightened significance that cannot be reduced to words. This is what travel insight is all about: attuning to find more significance in a daily life on the road while being removed from stagnant familiarity of domestic routine.

When you can do that, there is never a dull moment. This is the experience of mystics and meditators sharing of their experiences seeing everything lit up from within or glowing with light, meaning, inner depth and significance. 

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."                     - Joseph Campbell

Anything could be a symbol, but we all have different affinities and respond accordingly. As a traveler you are in a very suitable position for breaking into richness of spiritual insight begin to add a new vast dimension to your trip. Intensity of the trip is just an opportunity, but you need to apply wholeheartedness and enthusiasm, even passion. 
For the spiritual view to be engaged and insight to arise, you must joifully reflect upon what you are doing. You must bring all the successes challenges and disappointments into an open space of your consciousness without judgment and to look closely and deeply at what they reflect back to you.

You may enter the infinite richness of travel tantra through intention to be receptive. Perhaps you will begin to perceive symbols of your life reflected in the "outside world". You may begin to see the process of your journey as Life expression itself — from incarnation in one form to the next as stops on your journey.
How deep can you get involved with that particular set of the "stop"? A week, a month, a year? — Or continue on your journey, having clear understanding that getting attached and to meddle in it is a polar opposite to your moving forward.

You may realize that getting attached to a particular way of life as a habit is detrimental to successful progress of spiritual development. Just as your attachment to a splendid and beautiful location of your visit would be an impediment to your capacity to travel further.

But you have your own unique connection with travel tantra once you bring intention to create authentic travel experience into your heart with openness and passion. 

To practice travel tantra is to see teaching in everything. You might be a witness to a stormy sky filled with dark rainy clouds. Let say that clouds collide crowding the whole space from horizon to horizon and there is no promise of a break. Yet you may remember that at this very moment of gloom and weather drama, there is the sun shining above.

That might remind you about maintaining a good perspective on how perception can affect your experience. Your insight gleaned with travel tantra is a unique treasure discovered by your presence. Anchor it, so you could continue to draw the energy from it for your personal development and others. Record it, so you would remember as many details as possible, for details may lead to further insights of travel spirituality practice.

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