Become Ideal Travel Companion.

When a dynamic spiritual transformation desired, it is time to use the power of Ideal Travel Companion.

As someone who's embarked on the journey of changing yourself using travel as self-therapy, this method can initiate a process of inner restructuring. If you traveling alone, this process will give you new perspective and practice of interacting with yourself. It will assist you to create a new inner model of being that will change your relationship with others in your life and the world. 

If you are ready for inner transformation and seeking a shift in a way you experience your life, get directly involved in the process of this therapeutic travel exercise. There might be moments when self-reflection can bring to the surface unsatisfactory perceptions of meaning and quality of life. 
It might be that you just dashed through some extraordinary life events that left you feeling dejected, uncertain or devastated. Or you could be facing an event like this. Perhaps you see yourself somewhat incapable to handle it or could be swallowed by regrets for not handling life challenges optimally. 

Invoking inner travel companion is a method of spiritual traveler for creating inner conditions to foster desired qualities within yourself. It is a way to seed and nurture qualities of the individual you intend to become. 

Your age doesn't matter as long a you have desire to change. A vacation alone could be an ideal situation to practice being ideal companion to yourself. Start moving forward from where you are

Take a moment and describe your ideal travel companion, the one whose company of unconditional acceptance, authentic positivity and support you would enjoy. Write them down. 

It is important that the choice of qualities and choice to develop them comes from your heart's desire and not as "should". Something that you choose freely with purpose of inner transformation and growth


  • Relax and breathe deeply. Then bring the idea of perfect travel companion into the space of your mind. Hold the mental image and reflect on it.What are his or her qualities, nature, behavior? As the insights begin to appear, ideas, images and sensations, record them.

  • Relax deeper and explore deeper the image and qualities of ideal friend to emerge from your unconscious. Write them down.

  • Allow yourself to realize the value of the qualities of ideal companion, their purpose in behavior and character and their affect on those around you, and your world.

  • While maintaing the focus on the qualities of ideal companion, allow yourself to feel its qualities within you. Relax your muscular and nervous system and let the emotion express itself on your face. Visualize yourself with that expression.

  • Invoke Ideal Traveler Companion directly. Imagine that you are in a company of this person somewhere comfortable and beautiful... You are enjoying his or her blissful company where the ideal qualities are clearly demonstrated.

  • Now dissolve these ideal qualities into yourself. Imagine that this person appearing as a symbol above your head, radiant with blissful energy of luminescent light. Imagine that this radiant symbol descends through the crown of your body into your heart. Allow the light emanate out of your heart and permeate your entire body.

  • Now imagine yourself in the circumstances of your life, which in the past would cause you to be upset or irritated. Situation where you were facing a difficult problem, a hostile person or failure, where you were excluded or confused. See and feel yourself acting with clarity and calm resolve, unperturbed and accepting.

  • Make a note of a distinct quality of your spiritual travel companion appearing in preceding steps and make a resolve to experience that quality throughout the day. Radiate it within you and without.

Use this exercise as a practice to facilitate and experience your inner transformation and become more familiar with your inner resources. 

Ideal Travel Companion

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