Transform Yourself With Travel.

Why do you feel an innate yearning to transform yourself, to become bigger and move beyond limits that you perceive yourself to be? Our life is a constantly moving flow of energy which is like a river which flows in direction of our intentions. It is constantly changing as a river, never remaining the same from moment to moment. You long to transform yourself because your true nature forces you to become aware of it, to be happy which is to be free.

Yet we unconsciously insist on perceiving it as something formatted in a conceptual shape of "I" which is going along from day to day along the linear timeline. By seeing ourselves in this way we are damming the river of life energy and eventually feel the inkling to reinvent yourself, search for genuine freedom or descent into a full blown identity crisis. Our life forces us to abandon our barriers and open to life with meaning and purpose.

When you contemplate life meaning and purpose focus on its precious temporary nature marked by birth and death. It is not only precious in its unique appearance experienced only as "you ", but it also is a workshop of profound creativity where you create a lot of lasting meaning. It has a possibility to develop a very spacious mind of acceptance of yourself and the world around you without getting hung up. Happiness and unhappiness rests on it, it depends on you as an individual. 

To transform yourself you need to know who you truly are, and what are the positive results of self-knowledge. You might think that you are this particular kind of person with history, dreams and abilities and that's it.

But the word "person" comes from the times of Greek theater where the actor was wearing a specific mask of a character — a "persona". We all changing our "persona" as we go through the day depending with whom we are interacting. But it is not who we are. Imagine what would happen if the actor would suddenly decided to believe that he is a character he is playing?

Yet most of us relate to ourselves in this way: we believe that we are this "persona" and it causes our life flow to be blocked immediately as we establish conceptual relationships with the rest of the world and our spiritual essence. We begin to defend this persona, looking to fulfill the needs of this imaginary person demanding specific attitude from the world around us and in the process using a lot of energy generating a win-or-lose mindset of aggression. 

Knowledge of yourself leads to genuine freedom. To transform yourself is to recognize your true nature, which is a conscious awareness of a single present moment. In that moment who you are truly is. In that moment you give direction to your mind's intention to act in particular way as a "persona". In other words, there is a moment to choose how to think about yourself, how to talk to yourself and how to act it out. That is a place where to go to reinvent yourself.

We co-create our universe with observer-participant function of our intention. With the discovery of quantum mechanics, science formalized the ancient well-known truth: other things in our experience are arising in dependence on the system of observation. 
We create that which we focus on by giving it a meaning, which means that our individual experience is determined by perception. With that awareness there is a freedom to reinvent yourself into the kind of person you would like to become. 

When you transform your mind, your shift perception and as a result everything is transformed. Most people believe that the key to the quality of their life's experience is in the circumstances where they find themselves. It is partially true that circumstances provide conditions for it, but reality of the source of the quality is within. 
If you lack firm grounding in positive perception, the most valuable circumstances of material abundance, health and peace will not deliver a sense of genuine happiness.

Your perception will be guided by direction of your intention and it will be manifest in experience. So here it is: in order to change outer experience we need to change inner reality.

We live in our mind and whenever we go we bring our "dwelling" with us, the source of our experience. And to begin having different experience we need to renovate our mind, to give it a thorough clean up to de-clutter it.
One of the secret benefits of travel alone is presence of conditions to transform yourself. It happens naturally when you distance yourself from habitual distractions and begin to see clearly what is essential in your life, in your relationships and your values. Often from a distance of meaningful travel you may have a clearer picture of the whole of your life.

What is alluring about solo travel is a sense of genuine freedom that comes form an absence of a need to present yourself in a particular way, to perform a role imposed or expected from us by our relatives, friends, company we work for and society at large. During the travel there is a chance for experiencing knowledge of yourself quite directly. You might become clearly aware of yearning to live as an authentic individual.

While traveling you may ascertain a taste of internal freedom and come to learn about your heart's desire. You may decide to return from travel having performed a secret operation to change your mind, to transform yourself.

How To Transform Yourself.

Accept yourself right where you are:

In order to transform yourself and initiate change you need to eliminate inner resistance. Whatever you resist, you give it identity and it persists. If anything you judge or disapprove about yourself, it will be suppressed and hidden from your inner view. If it is not let go in a healthy way, it will continue to be seeking expression indirectly. It will become a part of what is called "shadow" or be expressed as a "dis-ease".

When you accept, you befriend yourself and create a climate of empathy toward yourself, where change can occur as a common sense, naturally. It produces an integration of personality where there is no separate person for being "on the record" and the other for being "off the record". It is a way to access genuine freedom of being yourself.

  • Accept responsibility for your experience of what is, knowing that the experience itself is a skill of perception
    Look at the experience as a reflection of inner beliefs, a particular interpretation of reality.
  • Opportunity to transform yourself comes through acceptance of responsibility for the perception of experience. That gives you freedom to be independent from outer conditions and be a cause of your reality.
  • Forgive yourself and let go of all judgments against yourself or others.
    Judgments are the limitations placed upon the totality of life energy. Self-acceptance and forgiveness are tracks leading to genuine freedom of being yourself.

Create a vision of how you would like your life to be:

  • Decide what kind of human being you'd like to become and what kind of environment you'd like to be in. 
  • Choose to create a Life Vision that grows out of your heart's desire. 
    Choose to incorporate qualities of an individual who has a heart-centered approach to life with meaning and purpose and realized genuine happiness.

           One who is:

  • Compassionately forgiving toward oneself and others — remaining free to be in the present moment.
  • Accepting oneself and is open to grow and change without creating a separate persona. This shift liberates tremendous amount of energy.
  • Having faith and optimism that as long as one is doing his/her part the best, the results will folow.
  • Loving oneself unconditionally. One who genuinely loves oneself can't hurt the other and is free from creating negative consequences.
  • Developing wisdom of life's meaning and purpose.

Take goal as the path:

  • Act and perceive everything from a position of having already achieved the vision.
  • Generate the feelings and emotional states representative of life with meaning and purpose of the vision.
  • Support yourself in the process of vision generation 
    with a positive self-talk, self-acknowledgment and positive perception.

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