Things To Do Alone For Your Soul.

There are simple things to do alone that will enhance your relationships with your Self and the world. Choosing Solitude as special time for Self—Reflection is very effective part of Soul therapy for balancing your life.First, it is good to make an assessment of your view of "being alone". Is it something that you see as negative and needs to be avoided as much as possible. Or is it something that you are determined to benefit from? No matter what are the causes for being alone, if you decide to use it as an investment in yourself with enthusiastic attitude, you will set up to receive profound returns.

But if you see aloneness as a detriment, then you will be looking for multitude of way to distract yourself. I am not talking about play and entertainment used as venues to nurture yourself. Even though they could be used also with a purpose of avoiding feeling alone.

By treating your life as a whole, you understand that there is no chance to repeat a single day. With that in mind let's look at the things to do alone that will strengthen your soul, open your heart and enrich your interior.

How To Be Alone

  • Self-Reflection. Make an intention to not sensor whatever could come up in your mind. Don't act on it, just observe. Decide to take an attitude of non-judgmental confidant. Imagine or pretend to be your very best friend, the kind who always gives you a space to experience whatever is present. The kind of a person who will cheer you on, even in the most difficult times. Slow down and take a sample of your feelings. Allow whatever present to come up, whether it's gratitude for how your life is right now, or feelings of something missed. 
    Trace it to the situation that was a trigger for the feeling to be present. Investigate what were the thoughts behind you making those decisions that resulted in something missed. Keep in mind that you are a work in progress and your attitude is the formative factor of future as well as past results. If there are events in your past which effect still burdens you, choose to reframe them in a positive light as much as possible. After all you are here now and able to look back and see what you would do differently.
  • For things to do alone, self-reflection is a positive process of observing your beliefs and thoughts with authenticity, which means as things are, without putting others down or feeling yourself less than others. Take ownership of your situation understanding that the results you experience are the outcomes of your choices, no matter how indirect they might have been. Purpose of this is not to feel guilty, but empower yourself with understanding that every choice is an expression of power.

  • Journaling. From many things to do alone, writing a personal journal is a very potent one. When it is done with commitment and understanding of how helpful it is on the path of self-awareness, journaling becomes a therapeutic method rather than activity to fill time. Decide to document your high moments as well as low ones. Go in details of how you arrive at any of those feelings. By writing in a journal you have a great chance to detect unchecked beliefs, assumptions or patterns that cloud clarity resulting in less favorable outcomes. 
    Writing about situations and feelings where you felt uplifted and happy will remind you to use those when you feel less optimistic. Journal writing gives you a semblance of a blue print of your operating system so to speak, and is very effective choice of things to do alone.
  • Create a Visual Life-Stream. Imagine your life being organized visually with intention to celebrate it from position of evolution of your consciousness, your soul, your experience? This also is one of the things to do alone as you reflect on turning points that shaped your life. The intention matters here. As you commemorate stages of life with photographs, it is important to approach it with seeing yourself in light of unconditional loving and knowing that all of it led to this moment where you are now. Observe lessons you learned by taking your unique path in life, reflect on how your attitude has changed since then and how it benefited you.

  • Explore. Keep your curiosity alive. Explore the area where you live, even if you lived there for a long time. Many things could be experienced as new once we dropped assumptions of "how things are" and instead go for an experience. Take the camera and find something to take a picture of in your very neighborhood. Give yourself a task of making a visual report on it. Find new angle, a detail, a person you've seen many times but perhaps never contacted. If you live in a city, take a trip outside into a countryside, find a new landscape, new vantage point. Another beneficial activity among things to do alone is to become an active solo explorer.

  • Set up Small Projects. To facilitate a sense of achievement, in your things to do alone include small projects. Have something to finish. It could be something that you started and forgot about. It could be something that you wanted to do or had an inspiration to do, but then got distracted or got discouraged. 

    Make a list of things that you would like to finish, however small they are. List them all and start finishing them one by one. Thus you liberate the energy that is frozen in a state of idea. You can clean up your desk, office, home and simplify your life while experiencing a positive buoyancy of your spirit.

  • Relate to Yourself. This one is perfect for things to do alone as relating to oneself is an internal work and could only be performed alone. Reflect upon how you relate to yourself. Do you deliberately spent time with yourself in order to enjoy your company? The answer will determine the quality of relationship you have and the level of acceptance that you allow yourself. It is never too late to start treating yourself with intention to appreciate and honor your soul's journey.
  • Keep Your Commitments

    Decide as much as possible to keep promises to yourself. Make your word matter to you first. Don't make commitment you're not intend to keep, or the ones that you know that you can't keep. When you do break your commitment acknowledge it, but don't punish yourself, just adjust intensity of the commitment. Keep your word for your own sake, become one with your word, thus powerful. This practice has several implications: mindfulness of your speech and a possibility of greater freedom through elimination of vagueness.

    Give Yourself Your Best

    Do it not from the position of superiority though, that would have a negative effect from the one desired. By giving your best to yourself, you have a direct feedback of how your best is like. On another hand as you fine tune receiving your best, others in your immediate environment will benefit greatly due to the fact that we treat others according to beliefs that we allow ourselves to be treated.

    Develop Self-Nurturing Program

    Dedicate a schedule of giving to yourself as a way of nurturing and being of service to your highest development.

    Physical level. Do something that benefits your body or physical world you live in, like work out or working on your motorcycle for example.

    Spiritual level. Make a regular time for your spiritual practice, whether it is Insight meditation, Prayer Time, Qi Gong or any other method that maintains your connection with the Invisible Essence.

    Mental level. Assign specific time to feed your mind, to sharpen your mental capacity. Example could be learning a specific number of words from a foreign language, or read one book per month.

    Emotional level. Schedule events and tasks that will enrich your experience with positive emotions. It could be going out to see a movie, read inspiring poetry, or let yourself go with oil paints on canvas.

    Self-Development Matrix

    Take on Spiritual Practice

    As part of things to do alone, spiritual practice takes significant part in soul therapy. It is essential for a balanced development to dedicate time to follow a ritual or practice that promote inner harmony, kindness and stability. You don't have to follow a particular religion to have a spiritual practice. If you relate through portal of a particular religion or secular philosophy, then simply incorporate a conscious practice that nurtures those qualities.

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