Preparing For Therapeutic Travel.

With intention every trip could become a part of therapeutic travel. Taking a trip for healing could be an expression of loving toward yourself and others. 
There could be many reasons and life events that disrupt our smooth day to day existence. 
There could be a long-neglected yearning for attaining purpose of life, a sense for a deeper meaning and authenticity of our own experience. 
Therefore by giving ourselves a time and space away from demands and distractions of ordinary life we may encounter better conditions for healing a loss of a dear ones and renew appreciation of our life and others.
Here are transformative practices at the core of therapeutic travel. As a result of applying these, you may create authentic and meaningful trip.

  • Return to Love. While going travel with purpose of healing, make a decision to experience love. Feelings of Love could be instigated from the outside, but the cause for experience of it is inside. 
    Simply put even when we project love onto the object of our focus, we actually experience it first. In the way external objects that appear to us as "lovable' are catalysts for our love to arise inside of us. Just as the most lovely object of your fantasy or situation could invoke love, similarly you can ignite love for yourself.
    To expand your heart's ability to love toward yourself and others who is going through similar situations, practice loving-kindness meditation.
  • Release Unexpressed Feelings. Any feeling that associated with someone in your life that hasn't been expressed or let go off continues to draw energy from you even when it is not present in immediate focus of your awareness. 
    As long as there is energetic attachment to someone, it means that there are lingering feelings that keep sapping your vital energy. The feelings could range from profound adoration to burning anguish of vengefulness. Even though these feeling seem to be directed toward someone, you are the one who carries a burden of their effect, very often catalyzed by external triggers.

  • Healing Through Time. Our mind exists beyond time. Therapeutic travel practice of healing through time is a method that works with energy which remains associated with past experiences. 
    By accessing our past memories with intention of releasing and becoming free through reframing, there is a way 
    to heal past experiences that affect our present results. 
    The intention of healing through time is to bring our memory of life's event to a more balanced and self-supportive view of reality. We can choose what to believe about our experience independently of the event itself.

  • Knowing Who You Are. To know who you are is the ground of transformation. If you limit awareness of who you are by definition of a person with a particular attributes of body type, personality, past experience and cultural background as inherently existent, objective and constant then there would be no opportunity for transformation and growth. 
    As you learn to attend to your true nature, investigate how "I" truly exists, a responsibility for your well-being and happiness becomes more apparent. A bondage of fixed identity and conceptual living may fall away, giving rise to an insight of how you co-create and experience reality.

  • Create Ritual Of Letting Go. This could potentially be the most effective of therapeutic travel practices. At an appropriate dedicated time perform a ritual for letting go. 
    Our individual universe is woven with patterns of perception through which we assemble our unique experience of reality. 
    Before we overlay "what is" with concepts, there is a subtle perception of meaning communicated through symbols. 
    There is a power of metaphor that points to the vibrant interlace of intelligent and living energies that permeate the essence of every cell of your body, every fleeting thought you have and every particle of the universe.
    Very often our progress on the physical plane of existence is hindered by energetic blockages on the subtle unconscious level of being. 
    To clarify and remove an attachment to a pattern or a relationship 
    that is no longer functional, it becomes very important and practical to perform a ritual of letting go
    Performed during therapeutic travel, the effect of letting go ritual is magnified by the distance between where you live and location where it has taken place.

Opening The Third Eye

Symbols communicate something and since they are not concepts, they cannot be limited in perceptual longevity. They are like dreams, which have a strong feeling and impression but cannot be expressed in conceptual terms. A symbol is an object seen or felt or experienced as possessing a heightened significance that cannot be reduced to words. 

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