Therapeutic Travel Program.

It is a said that having experiences is a predictor of greater satisfaction and happiness in life than having more things. This insight has veracity that could be easily observed. In life there’s only one constant factor and it is change. Our life circumstances may change abruptly and without notice. Overtime we may loose ability to care and own things, but we can never lose the experience we’ve had. Regardless of the change in our abilities and circumstances we can continue to enjoy and be nourished by the positive experiences we’ve had.

Travel is one of the surest ways to generate experiences that feed our curiosity and desire for adventure and growth. When the external journey of travel is combined with deliberate curriculum for introspection and realization of what is authentic life, it can becomes a very powerful experience and a sound investment of time and energy.

Self-acceptance, greater Clarity and Authentic Joy are essential outcomes of the Travel Soul Therapy.

Therapeutic Travel Program Accelerates
Conscious Self-Renewal.

We created Travel Soul Therapy Program as an invitation to step into a path of greater awareness using spatial change of travel as a retreat from mundane obligations and distractions in order to see clearer, to transform and to be inspired. We aim to engage from a perspective that we are psycho-spiritual beings and our outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. It is an approach based on understanding that the better we know our intention the clearer direction and meaning our life will have. 

With transformation comes personal healing and growth. When we realize that habitually unconscious strategy of seeking distraction from uncomfortable feelings only enhances the power of shadow — an aspect of consciousness where we hide concepts and feelings we disapprove about ourselves; we become compassionate and powerful to meet ourselves where we are. 


Painting-like paddies of Yunnan.

This unique program is meant to open our awareness and increase our ability to live in the present moment with a greater sense of ease, joy and confidence. The invigorating physical exercise of trekking will help purify and cleanse the body while daily guided meditation, liberating visioning, hypnotic induction, discussions, and question-and-answer sessions will provide a source of nourishment to shift awareness. Using methods of Depth psychology of transforming our relationship to the past will help us explore and release where we might be stuck in unresolved inner obstacles that keep us in a cycle of deficiency and repetition. All is done through application of meditation, modern techniques of therapy and ancient wisdom rituals held in a sacred space of the loving consciousness reflected within a group of like-minded and committed participants. 

We create authentic trip from within. In the end it is not about what we've done or seen that matters, but what we've become in the process that continues on. Allowing ourselves to be present by accepting ourselves as wholly as possible creates a healing travel experience.  The more we become familiar with the deepest longing of our heart, our priorities and values, the more authentic satisfaction and clarity we have directing our life's precious energy.


This is the reason that meaningful travel presents a valuable opportunity to create a transformative outcome.  Our mind, freed from mundane preoccupations of daily life may begin to perceive profound insight of inner meaning. It could be felt like entering a panoramic view of one's entire life seeing clearly connection between beliefs, choices and outcomes. The result may be felt as a flourishing sense of fortitude, resilience, creativity and optimism. 

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