Therapeutic Travel Program.

The therapeutic travel program from Travel Soul Therapy is a cycle of interactive teachings, guided self-reflection and profound daily energetic practices for stress reduction and mindfulness embedded in a form of adventure.

This unique program is meant to open your awareness and increase our ability to live in the moment with a greater sense of joy. The invigorating physical exercise of trekking will help purify and cleanse the body while the lectures, discussions, and question-and-answer sessions will provide a source of nourishment for the mind. It also includes exploration of depth psychology and methods of transforming our relationship to the past through co-creation of reality.

Therapeutic Travel Program Accelerates Conscious Self-Renewal. 

It is an invitation to step into a genuine path of transformation from a perspective that we are psycho-spiritual beings and our outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. It is approach based on understanding that we are in charge of giving our lives direction and meaning. 

With transformation comes personal healing and growth. When we realize that typical strategy of seeking distraction from uncomfortable feelings only enhances the power of shadow — an aspect of consciousness where we hide concepts and feelings we disapprove about ourselves; we decide to meet ourselves where we are. 


We become brave and authentic hero to free ourselves to the life we always wanted.  

Self-acceptance, Clarity of Inner Purpose and Authentic Joy is the essential experience of the therapeutic travel program from Travel Soul Therapy.

Creation of authentic trip begins from within. Allowing ourselves to be present by accepting ourselves as wholly as possible creates a healing travel experience. It implies freedom itself — a freedom from beliefs and perceptions that cause unhappiness and limit our experience of authentic expression. The more we become familiar with the deepest longing of our heart, our priorities and values, the easier it is for us to direct life's precious energy.


This is the reason that meaningful travel presents a valuable opportunity to create a transformative outcome.  Our mind, freed from mundane preoccupations of daily life may begin to receive messages of profound personal or spiritual meaning. It could be felt like entering a meditation session. Therefore here is an opportunity to taste more embodied life right "then" and "there".

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