Spiritual Wellness Methods For Therapeutic Travel.

This is a list of therapeutic and spiritual wellness methods and techniques that could be specifically helpful in solo travel to achieve internal shift of transformation and holistic life balance.


There are literally hundreds of types of meditation styles. Meditation is a practice of self regulation of attention, in the service of self-inquiry, in the here and now. 
Meditation can be practiced while walking or doing simple repetitive tasks. Walking meditation helps break down habitual automatic mental categories. It functions by regaining the primary nature of perceptions and events, focusing attention on the process while disregarding its purpose or final outcome. 
Meditation practice is a very effective "cleanser" of mind's perception from habitual relationship to reality. Among spiritual wellness methods it is very effective in its subtlety of non-conceptual intervention in healing the mind from afflicting emotions and thought patterns. 


This a variant of meditative practice that naturally fitting into repertoire of travel activities. While sightseeing, trekking and hiking, walking meditation could be used as one of the spiritual wellness methods. The outcome of practice is aimed at unloading the conceptual attachments of the mind and brining it into the experience of fuller presence and resultant richness of pure awareness. 


This is a powerful practice of mindful concentration to generate and move the QI energy through the body, thus effectively releasing energetic blockages and bringing the power of undivided mind into the present, increasing awareness, physical strength, vitality and emotional well-being.


Working with intention coupled with power of the mind: power of thought, power of feeling and power of imagination consistently, you have a direct input into creating desired outcome. Learn creative visualization to maintain consistent stability of imagination. Combined with other spiritual wellness methods, creative visualization is a powerful tool of co-creation. 


Co-creation process implies embracing God (Spirit, Your Higher Power) as your Partner. It is distinguished form ego driven creation. Co-creation acknowledges and welcomes Spirit as your partner in your life and your task. Co-creating alludes to aligning with Spirit, being open to Spirit's guidance and following it wholeheartedly.


A transformation meditation aimed at dissolution of self-centeredness and isolation. Its premise is to use one's current state of emotion or circumstance as a turning point of transformation from being a victim to being a generator of loving-kindness for others. The resultant internal process induces a very powerful transformative effect among spiritual wellness methods.


It is not surprising that power of forgiveness is fully effective only with the full access to one's heart loving via self-forgiveness, regardless of what the circumstances appear to be. It is very often that forgiving yourself holds the key to getting unstuck and move forward into creative flow. 


Our mind exists beyond time. By accessing our past memories with intention of releasing and becoming free through reframing, there is a way to heal past experiences that affect our present beliefs. The purpose of healing through time is to bring our memory of life's event to a more balanced and self-supportive view of reality.


So many of us are not aware that we have an incessant inner dialog running through our minds . Our thoughts compound our self-perception which affects quality of our experience. The critical inner commentary may include judgement, worry or negative future fantasy. By becoming aware of it and choosing to redirect its context and attitude toward positive, we have an opportunity to re-create a nurturing and encouraging relationship with our Self. The change in this relationship directly results in more positive outcome in our lives.


It is a positive energy infused snapshot of an outcome you are committing to bring into manifestation expressed through words. It is a very effective technique when used in conjunction with creative visualization in the process of co-creating.


In the quest for change, silence is one of very effective spiritual wellness methods. In the silence the surface of the mind settles and we can see what lies beneath. As the absence of sounds and noises, silence provides an environment for focusing inwardly. When you choose to experience it with unconditional self-acceptance, it can open you to receive gifts of clarity and resolution available on the level of your Self.


When we feel love, we are conditioned to think that it is because of the object of our attraction we feel that. But if you diligently examine where the feelings take place and who is the first to benefit from the feelings, you will come to realize that it takes place not outside of you. No one can feel loving in your stead, but you. 
Accessing love is a very effective therapeutic technique for transforming feelings of hurt, anger and withdrawal. Our subconscious mind is not able to distinguish between imaginary and real. To use this technique to elicit feelings of loving for yourself and others. 


Letting go ritual has appeared as a practice to purify subtle level of consciousness, our energy system that is beyond reach of ordinary thinking. 
Very often our progress on the physical plane of existence is hindered by energetic blockages on the subtle unconscious level of being. To clarify and remove an attachment to a pattern or a relationship that is no longer functional, it becomes very important and practical to perform a ritual of letting go.


Practice to release unexpressed feelings is important to regain your energy back from an invisible leakage. Any feeling that associated with someone in your life that hasn't been expressed or let go off continues to draw energy from you even when it is not present in immediate focus of your awareness. 
As long as there is energetic attachment to someone, it means that there are lingering feelings that keep sapping your vital energy resulting in decreased enjoyment of life. 
When the feelings are disowned and pushed under, they become projected onto others and the world at large. Very often this state mistakenly considered as typical way of coping with personal problems.

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