Spiritual Wellness
Practices for Traveler.

To experience Spiritual Wellness we need to practice. It could be compared with developing and maintaining an optimal physical fitness. Even though they both are interconnected and sometimes influence each other, they are not a substitute for each other.

Spiritual Wellness eventually leads to imperturbability in the face of vicissitudes of life, a sign spiritual progress. It combines many vectors of human experience: awareness of the body, perception of reality, spiritual psychology and mind training. All these dimensions of what we define, relate to and call the self, are subject to change and may require our utmost dedicated attention.

List Of Spiritual Therapy Practices

If we aspire to have equanimity in our lives, we need to make it as a part of our regular activities — to attend to our spiritual nature. It doesn't imply that spiritual practice has to become another item on "to do list". It is an exercise to integrate and deepen our awareness of our own human experience.

The purpose of spiritual practices is to realize happiness within — a fundamental purpose of life experienced in every waking moment. Spiritual transformation technology: methods and exercises are the ways to have all of life become suffused with spiritual practice. Eventually — even walking, listening to music and relaxing with mindful motivation — could be healing for the heart, body and mind. 

You may choose to include instructions for spiritual practice in preparation to journey in order to facilitate a deeper experience of transformation with therapeutic travel. Once on the road and removed from distractions of habitual environment, using spiritual transformation technology will avail your mind for a greater healing and realization of freedom and happiness.

Spiritual Wellness Practices List

Spiritual Practices Promote:

  • Self-knowledge and inner awareness;
  • Having an enhanced desire and optimism;
  • Feeling of meaning and purpose to life;
  • Having a sense of peace or serenity;
  • Feeling of loving;
  • Being forgiving towards oneself and others;
  • Having a satisfying philosophy of life;
  • Experiencing joy, courage, flexibility to adapt;
  • Connections with others;
  • Inspiration to provide service to others;
  • Connections with nature;
  • Creative expression;
  • Sharpened attention.


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