Solo Travel: Building Intimate Relationship With Yourself.

Solo travel is the quickest way out of familiarity and inertia of a comfort zone. 
Our environment is in part a reflection of everything by which we may have defined ourselves. It is our past version being held by a collection of relational habits. 

That includes our language, social interactions and networks, our profession, our possessions, even the infrastructure within which we functioned. Our environment reflects the purpose for our behaviors and beliefs and they are mutually influential.

As we change our environment, we increase a possibility to expose our perception, and as we detect and observe our habits, we can choose to change them. We may begin to get to know who we are on a deeper level.

Why Going Solo Emerges As Self-Discovery Travel.

  • Solo travel offers a great opportunity for leaving behind habitual attachments of a physical plane, environment that is predictable and helpful in helping us live almost in automatic mode and examine psycho-spiritual level through self-inquiry.

  • Travel aloneness offers greater opportunity for reflection and mindfulness. Having time alone gives you better ability to observe your thoughts and reactions without being distracted.

  • Traveling by yourself combined with other spiritual therapy methods gives you great gateway to discover your Life's purpose, experience authentic happiness and wholeness of self-integration.

  • Solo travel lets you better observe your internal impulse, mind's pendulum between hopes and fears where you habitually might have escaped from the fullness of emotional experiences in the past. Traveling alone has that magical winding road to self-acceptance. That means that there is an opening to accept yourself as you are with fulness of inner experience without subconsciously suppressing some parts.

  • That is a state of authentic freedom to experience yourself fully, released from the pressure of having to change emotions into something else. Solo travel has a potential of providing you with that unimpeded access point of self-observation removed from typical influences which might give you a glimpse into freedom of simply being.

 Solo Travel Therapy for some life's events:

  • Feeling Trapped
  • Loss of Motivation
  • Soul Searching
  • Getting Fired
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Loss of Spouse and Breakup
  • Mild Depression and Feeling Stuck
  • Post-Graduation Uncertainty

There are many ways to travel. There are different types of trips that provide for various expectations. It depends on our conditioning, physical ability, awareness and self-knowledge. 
Some of us like to take travel in small doses — in short trips and small getaways. There are those of us who prefer organized tour packages for their convenience and predictability of schedule. 

There are those who go on expeditions where there is a possibility to have all logistics provided. But the trip would still require endurance, determination and psychological engagement upon which your life would depend.

There are some that prefer unknown adventure and appreciate how it forces them to invoke inner resources. Therefore these individuals have advantage to absorb the vast array of therapeutic benefits of traveling alone

Aloneness on the journey provides the best opportunity for contemplation, investigation and self-renewal. It does not mean that you deliberately avoid human contact, it means traveling alone without constant company of a package tour. If you find a companion with whom you can share silence and share the learning through self-reflection, then your learning could increase exponentially as well. 

Traveling alone is a shorter path to self-knowledge as it provides a direct feedback for your beliefs, choices, hidden motives and attitudes. Therefore it is the best condition for self-discovery journey. Provided you can account for personal safety. 

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