Silence Practice For Spiritual Wellness.

In the quest for change, silence practice is one of very effective spiritual wellness methods. In the silence the surface of the mind settles and we can see what lies beneath. 
As the absence of sounds and noises, silence provides an environment for focusing inwardly. When you choose to experience it with unconditional self-acceptance, it can open you to receive gifts of clarity and resolution available on the level of your Self.

Without experiencing hidden emotions, how do we know what to change, to toss out or heal? 

The world around us teaches us from the early on to keep busy in order to keep the surface of the mind occupied. It is teaching us to be this way so wouldn't look deeper into a possibility to free our mind from external influences and heavy and inessential baggage.

Everywhere we go, we deprived of silence, of its possibility to offer us a retreat into our own nature — free and interdependent. That is an authentic power of imperturbability and compassion toward ourselves and others based in knowledge of the causes of misery.

Even when we take a ride in the elevator, there's a music to distract us from even momentary plunge into depth of our consciousness. The world is an anesthetic protecting us from our own minds. 

In therapeutic silence without distraction you can clearly hear. 
How you talk to yourself, your own voice as a running commentary on perception of self, your thoughts, feelings and actions. Without practicing silence we destined to continue acting out our lives on the stage of our mind in the dark without an audience and without proper credit.

As a traveler with intention of deepening spiritual insight and personal transformation, practicing silence could be greatly available on the journey unless you choose to avoid it.

Silence is naturally imbedded in the process of travel. The naturally arising therapeutic effect of silence is working in the background of your experience, especially if you're traveling alone.

Silence practice avails you a precious opportunity to observe and recognize the quality of relationship you have with yourself — things you approve of and things that you tend to avoid owning and therefore project onto the world.

In the silence practice, there is an opportunity to detect your beliefs, conclusions about the world and yourself that provoke unexamined behavioral responses.

You can use silence as a way to communicate loving to yourself and others by the way of silent allowing.

  • Very often it results in a sense of greater intimacy.
  • Silence is a place where intuition speaks.
  • Through silence you can communicate respect for the dignity of yourself and others.


  1. Remove yourself from any vocal interaction, loud music, cacophony and chaotic environment.
  2. Release your mind from flow of thoughts that are not relevant to your experience of here and now.
  3. Bring your focus inwardly and have an intention to allow anything to come up to the surface of your consciousness.
  4. Give "okay" to the feelings and the commentary to appear. Notice, but remain a neutral observer of all that's present and don't react.
  5. Trust the power of silence practice and your innate resources to provide you with successful resolution.

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