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When we combine going out into the supportive environment of a spacious landscape with skillful guidance of an experienced facilitator, we can experience profound shifts in our consciousness.

When we search for a solution either to an immediate situation arising, or a more focused and meaningful direction for life, connecting to our true nature is a very powerful and graceful catalyst for change.

Welcome to the Trail Therapy Method.

Facilitator Anatoly Petrenko (Bio) is educated in a holistic view of  human experience as a trained therapist and an NLP practitioner. He received his Master’s Degree in Psychology from University of Santa Monica (USM), and has wholeheartedly embraced helping others to reach their meaningful goals as his life direction. 

He is a Vajrayana enthusiast and an adept meditator, who often travels to Himalayas and other places to study with masters of contemplative wisdom.  His strong intellect and intuitive insight have helped many people to break through obstacles to gain emotional equilibrium and mental clarity; to increase happiness in their lives. 

The Trail Therapy method is offered within a beautiful and exotic landscape in the Las Vegas, Nevada area of the United States, unless specified otherwise. Though the hike is an aerobic exercise, it is not the aim of this method, it is only supportive condition.

The method is geared towards the release of unresolved energies, the increase of mindful attention and intuitive clarity, directed towards finding answers within one’s own field of experience. 

It is a result-oriented mini workshop with an interactive curriculum given in a natural beautiful setting. It is powerful and effective for those who is ready and willing to move towards a life of vibrant flourishing.

It combines working directly with energies, guided and silent meditations, and an interactive verbal resolution. The total experience may take between 3 to 6 hours depending on the fitness and degree of the hike. It is intended not to have more than five participants in a group at a time.

Potential results from engagement in Trail Therapy:

  •  Greater Understanding of Who You Are and Your Power
  •  Increase of Focused Attention and Stress Reduction
  •  Removed pain caused by Energetic Blocks and Hidden Judgments
  •  More Energy and Emotional Balance
  •  Improved Relationship with yourself and others
  •  Strategy of Constructive Behavior to get what you want in life
  •  Inspired Imagination and Attunement to Intuition
  •  Greater clarity for one’s Life Direction.

Please click the button below to schedule your Authentic Life Trail Access to find your direction and begin building  momentum. A great Journey begins with a single step.

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