Travel Soul Therapy Services.

There are two types of services Travel Soul Therapy is currently offers.

There is a local Service of Trail Therapy offered frequently in the beautiful and exotic desert and Red Rock Area of Las Vegas, and the Travel Soul Therapy Program which is usually a multi-day trip into unique and beautiful location .


When we combine going out into the supportive environment of a spacious landscape with skillful guidance of an experienced facilitator, we can experience profound shifts in our consciousness.

When we search for a solution either to an immediate situation arising, or a more focused and meaningful direction for life, connecting to our true nature is a very powerful and graceful catalyst for change.

Therapeutic Travel Program.

There is a reason why American psychologists Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich concluded in a widely cited 2003 study that “doing things makes people happier than having things”. 

Very often when we sense our secret call for freedom, the alluring beckoning of different life enriched with experience and meaning, we respond with decision to go travel. 

It might appear as if we go searching without knowing exactly what we are seeking, longing to find what we are missing.

We are searching for self-renewal. Most of us experienced this therapeutic effect of travel even without intending, quite passively. However when we’re taking travel as a conscious practice, we engage a holistic dimension of travel therapy. 

Self-renewal is a secret to happiness. Life is constantly changing. It is unpredictable and it dances like a flame of fire. Attitude of self-renewal allows us to dance with Life, deepening our understanding and it’s meaning. 

But we all occasionally are challenged deeply to look inside ourselves and acknowledge the inevitability of change. When we learn that previous ways of relating and being are no longer real, we recognize necessity of giving our lives our own heart-felt meaning. 

Transformation is a conscious practice of self-renewal. 

Our habitual ways of being and doing things are imbedded in our environment. We rely on our environment for our automatic behaviors and assumptions about meaning and future of our lives.

To leave the confines of our familiar environment with intention to experience greater freedom and new perspective supported by therapeutic consciousness practices and skillful guidance is the core of Travel Soul Therapy Program.

Stakna Monastery in LadakhIndus River Valley In Ladakh near Leh, India.

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