Cultivate Sense Of Fulfillment.

Sense of fulfillment is a manifestation of a nurtured soul. When we take a broad look at what causes us to feel fulfilled and experience genuine happiness, we may notice that things, experiences and other people don't have an isolated and independent ingredients of happiness within them. We may have a great pleasure and enjoyment consuming and participating in a beautiful carnival of our life, however the sooner we realize the difference between pleasure and genuine happiness, the sooner we begin to direct our energies towards causes of sense of fulfillment that result in greater harmony and peace. Not realizing inner resources of happiness causes us to look elsewhere to satisfy the thirst to be happy and be eventually disappointed.

An experience of a nurtured soul, a sense of well-being arises from within. Other people, material things and events do not hold an inherent ingredient that may cause our happiness, though they might catalyze it. It doesn't mean that anything having meaningful relationships, necessities for living a comfortable life or entertainment is not important, but if we pin our quest for genuine happiness on them we will not find a lasting fulfillment we seek, soon seeking for it elsewhere.   

We may encounter an example of a married couple where one is a wonderful spouse, while another is emotionally depressed. In simplistic terms this example could demonstrate the fact that another person cannot give his or her happiness for us to have a sense of fulfillment. Even though there might be wonderful conditions for it, the cause of happiness is within.

Why would this information be useful to us? For once it is quite practical intelligence to maintain healthy mental balance in all situations of life. Relying on external sources for happiness is a fragile structure, as all external elements of it like job, house, family and a bank account are not guaranteed to be there permanently. 
Our world is in a constant state of flux and natural calamity can destroy our house, take away the industry where we work. No matter how hard the truth is, we can't be sure about losing a family member to an accident or a health complications. We also might begin getting less entertainment from activities we were used to. Happiness that is built on any of these or other external factors is doomed to disappear along with them. 

If we placed our happiness on euphoric sense of freedom associated with openness of crafting our own schedule during travel, we will feel crashed once returned to a life with a job and a boring schedule. If based on external conditions our sense of fulfillment is deemed to vanish.

We might have met amazing people, we might have fallen in love with them, but once we returned to out ordinary life — separated, we feel depressed. We need to be able to recognize that even when we have wonderful experience and profound connections, the source of our happiness, sense of fulfillment is based on our inner sense of well-being. Our mental attitude, a positive direction of our thinking that shapes our relationship within ourself and to the outer circumstances and conditions determines our experience of happiness. Recognizing it frees us to see people and events for what they are — as people and experiences and not objects of our happiness. 

Our ideas of happiness are most often associated with static mental forms as memories from the day back in time when they were first created. But the world is constantly changing. As soon as we conflate the idea of happiness with an object of enjoyment, we become deluded and begin to suffer an experience of lack. We might become quite agitated by lack of sense of fulfillment appearing as intense desire. And we begin to look for happiness outside ourselves in new experiences, relationships or new things. 

Once we accept the idea that we would be happy if only this or that happens to us, in our mind we conceptually create absence of that which we are looking for. It is a powerful law of belief — in a midst of infinity of possibilities, we look only for that which we believe. And our reality takes this particular profile.

"As the potter shapes the clay, so are the wise shape themselves"
"Dharmapada"— Buddha
"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet neglect his soul?"
Jesus of Nazareth 

Sense of Fulfillment is a Secret of Abundance.

Nurtured soul is an expression of sense of fulfillment. But how do we cultivate inner conditions of a nurtured soul?

 To nurture your soul is not merely fulfilling the needs, as perception of needs itself will make the task infinite. It is an approach in which you allow yourself to experience a gift of compassion, loving-kindness and spaciousness of self-acceptance supported by faith. Faith is a type of thinking based on awareness that nothing external in itself holds an inherent ingredient of happiness, it is inner rejoicing.

Nurtured soul is experienced as freedom from resistance to change and ease to adapt whenever is necessary through the power of awareness that you are not a rigid structure, but a flow of thinking from one present moment to the next.

Thus cultivating causes of spiritual nourishment, worthiness and a sense of fulfillment at the ground of being always expressed to benefit others.

We can observe wholesome generosity of a nurtured soul on three levels:

Physical — material things are given without reservation, 

Verbal Expression — feedback is expressed with intention of care and encouragement, 

Mental — environment of spaciousness is cultivated for others to have the freedom of choice and expression.

Sense of fulfillment is a foundation of a healthy self-esteem and respect for others. When there's a state of fulfillment, then a need for validation and approval sought outside is not arising. Opinions of others have very little power of influence or persuasion when encountered with a sense of inner stability resulting from it. 

Loving-kindness meditation is a great method to open mind to the experience of emotional happiness at the core. 
It is a great step toward orienting mind's attention toward own heart's desire — a soul–nurturing act at the foundation of living experience. Through this meditative practice of own fulfillment, you may begin to realize the abundance by giving happiness to others in your heart. 
As our experience is significantly rooted in our perception, by practicing loving-kindness meditation, we increase sense of fulfillment and emotional happiness – the essence of a nurtured soul. 

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