Stops for Self-Renewal - Life Events.

Self-renewal is an embrace of an opportunity to change ourselves. 

Take time for holistic travel, change your environment and get to know yourself better.

Therapeutic effect of travel is equal to a degree of changed perception.

"Life is known only by those who have found a way to be comfortable with change and the unknown. Given the nature of life, there may be no security, but only adventure."Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Self-renewal, a continuous letting go of states of mind that give rise to negative emotions is a secret to happiness. Life is constantly changing without end. It is unpredictable and it dances like a flame of a fire. Attitude of self-renewal allows us to dance with life, making conscious our experience of freedom.

We suffer greatly when we resist to accept what is happening and insist on the memory of the past to be in it's place instead. Our refusal to admit changes becomes an impervious block to self-renewal.

It is often what served us yesterday may not be useful today. World around us is constantly changing and if we cling relentlessly to habitual ways of doing things and insisting on ways of being that are no longer valid, we will find ourselves suffering.

Transformation is a practice of self-renewal. When there are difficult and perhaps painful feelings, it is a sign that we are not accepting what is taking place. We have two options: to change something about ourselves to meet demands of environment or leave the environment when it doesn't support our values anymore.

Our habitual ways of being and doing things are reflected to us in our environment. We rely on our environment for automatic behaviors and assumptions about everything we don't experience directly. Meanwhile Life is dancing unpredictable rhythm... Like a fire. 

Life events are the most intimate of all moments where we are challenged to look deeply inside ourselves and acknowledge the inevitability of change. Self-renewal process of transformation is a precursor to deep realization of our True Nature.

It involves shedding old beliefs and ways of being, specially those that become difficult to bear. It is a soul alchemy that transforms our consciousness. This is the skillful way of seeing suffering with a purpose of letting go easier of the assumption of permanence in everything perceivable. While our unexamined tendency of mind is to create and insist on rigid concepts of life, actual reality is constantly changing. This resistance causing us emotional suffering. 

Life events provide us with the test for our willingness to transform our interior, our unconscious mind states. As soon as things that we relied on in the past are no longer available or their consistency is altered, we are in a position to change our views and examine our attachments. Here are some transitional life events:

For some of us while traversing such events, we might acutely feel an impulse to travel. Though reactions to these events can manifest in various feelings ranging in intensity and emotion:

  • Mild Depression
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Feeling Left Out
  • Feelings of Rejection
  • Feelings of Shame
  • Feeling Empty
  • Loss of Motivation

Each of these feelings carries its special taste and has a seemingly unique point of origination. Even though they might be triggered by a particular life event, their purpose is to call your attention to what needs to be changed within you. To let go of anything that is in a way of finding your life purpose and happiness. That is to live authentically without fear or reservations, with an open and joyful heart now, and not pining your happiness on some event in the future.

That is what self-renewal is, a transformation of individual consciousness. In other words it is a path to wake up from living with limited "definitions" of experience to continuously opening up to the totality of your true nature.

With transformation comes personal healing and growth. Reflection is essential to experience Spiritual Transformation. Seeking distraction from uncomfortable feelings only enhances the power of shadow, where we stuff all the concepts and feelings we disapprove about ourselves.

Self-reflection is a brave act of the heart — not to hide in a false safety of the shadow. Instead it allows you to feel and experience the feelings while not being moved from the anchor of "knowing who you are"
Combine it with Spiritual Wellness Technology for profound effects of transformation and emotional happiness. 

Holistic travel application would serve very well as a background for self-reflection and practice of developing self-knowledge. Travel for leisure and entertainment would have much lesser effect.

It wouldn't provide deep enough transformation effect without you noticing your unexamined beliefs and blind assumptions. And you would return eventually to repeat emotional experience even through a different set of circumstances. Holistic travel means to go away with intention to be with YOU, paying attention while positively caring. 

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