What Is Essential Self-Discovery
Gear For Travel?

Self-discovery gear is a highly recommended and tested collection of tools that are helpful to capture the richness of your travel experience. Self-discovery is not about discovering self — something independent of your experience. It is rather becoming clear and aware about the structure of your mind that created this self. 

The purpose of self-discovery is not to strengthen an attachment to a rigidly defined artifact — a group of ideas about "self". It is rather a process of finding "no self", your soul — an energetic consciousness, a flow of experience in your form. 

Self-dscovery is a gradual way of finding out how it projects your life experience according to previous impulse of actions that formed that group of ideas.


Some Reasons For Using Self-Discovery Gear

  • Memory
    Memory has a various capacity depending on the individual and a period of recall. It tends to store the strongest impressions and associations, dropping fine axillary details of experience in time altogether. 
    Unless we bring our mindfulness to them and "enlarge" their impressions, subtleties of details of appearances, colors and shapes, spontaneity of thoughts and delicate feelings will be lost forever.

  • Distractability
    According to Stanford researchers, untrained mind can hold one point of focus for maximum of seven seconds on average. That includes most of us and gives a reason to consider usefulness of self-discovery gear essentials.

    Thoughts don't belong to us. We can barely control them and they show up in dependence on associations of experience. They are fickle and etherial and could be easily evaporated or overshadowed. They are like a fish in a stream of consciousness. You want to catch beautiful ones. Some of them are very profound and you would like to record them for further inspiration.Feelings are very subtle phenomena. Its fugacious nature lets them easily lost in a sea of outer appearances, unless you record their impressions and qualities.

  • Impermanence

    Everything is in a state of constant flux. Travel itself allows us to merge in the stream of experience of change. We can't freeze it when it is beautiful and fulfilling, but we can use self-discovery gear to record it and create a reminder, a key to that state of consciousness.

    As we travel, we witness changes in location, landscape, culture and people we pass. Also we can tune in to our internal responses to changes that we observe.Light changes on a landscape and it completely transforms it, emotion changes the face in multitude of ways and it difficult to memorize it.

    It is a fundamental part of transformation travel to photograph environment and your place in it, meaningful symbols and spontaneous reflections of your feelings. As travel is a symbol of a movement — of change, then self-discovery gear is very helpful for creating a reference library of value realized through travel for many future uses.

  • Value of Insight
    An insight is a sudden realization of deeper truth. It could appear suddenly amidst other activities or in a dream. Even though it is immaterial, it is existent. It could be extremely valuable and could be easily obscured by chaos of busyness without recording it. It could be a realization of your life purpose or an answer to your heart's yearning. Many amazing discoveries and realizations came in a form of an insight.

  • Beauty
    "Some of our most wonderful memories are of beautiful places where we felt immediately at home. We feel most alive in the presence of the Beautiful for it meets the needs of our soul."
    John O'Donohue — "Beauty — The Invisible Embrace"

    Using tools to record your travel helps to create reminders of fleeting experiences of beauty.


  • Self-Nurturing Entertainment.
    During the length of the travel journey self-nurturing is very important to keep your spirit up and get encouragement along the way.Very often the insight arises in dependence on the thoughts or insights of others. It can come in a form of music, books or podcasts.Carefully selected collection could provide a needed spiritual and emotional nourishment in times of low activity or absent interaction with others.

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