Travel Unplugged For Self-Awareness And Rejuvenation.

In a context of therapeutic journey, self-awareness is an outcome of a mindful approach to travel.

Our mind is like constantly moving kaleidoscope of conceptual relationships, memories, evaluations, thoughts and feelings. In Buddhist psychology its unattended nature is skillfully compared to a monkey locked up in a house with five windows — modes of perception. It is constantly jumping from one window to the next, hardly ever sitting still. 

When leaving for authentic trip with intention of self-awareness and emotional rejuvenation, consider it like going on retreat travel and at least for the duration of it LEAVE YOUR WORLD AT DEPARTURE as much as possible. 

At least mindfully leave as much of it as possible where it is located: your workplace, your home, your associations, your country. Try to go travel unplugged, aim for self-awareness of mindful travel. 

According to statistic gathered by a survey from 55 percent of workers who say they're not feeling rejuvenated after they come back from vacation. The Baltimore Sun suggests that about a third of those on vacation admitted to checking e-mail or voicemail while supposedly enjoying time off.

We can learn a good lesson from these people that remain in control while on vacation. It appears that their professional engagements ended up controlling them.

Leave the world unplugged as you leave by adopting an attitude of self-regard. View your journey as a treat for inner life. 

Generally we live in the mode of reaction to the world. Mind without self-awareness is driven to distraction in pursuit to avoid or catch up, to act on clusters of thoughts, feelings and projections.

Our mind is constantly busy at building our reality: positioning, pulling conclusions together, setting up referential relationships with what it perceives. You momentarily increase self-awareness through understanding how mind builds the experience of reality through perceptual windows.

  • Become vigilant of where you place your attention, knowing that your focus grows awareness. Therefore whatever you focus on — grows. In other words you attract it more into your life.
  • Leave your world behind as much as possible to allow an adventure of insightful trip to come into your reality. 
    To manifest a contemplative trip of rejuvenation and mindfulness, you would like to limit access for stealing attention advertising spell-casters into your world. It would be greatly regenerative to your soul to reduce commercial's interference for at least some parts of your therapeutic journey.

  • Leave the commotion of familiar world and empower yourself by being present where you are. Do the mind housecleaning and unload any concerns and worries that you cannot address from where you are.

  • Slow down the information stimuli that keep your mind agitated. Relax into open presence and observe what's going on instead. Your level of satisfaction will be affected for better, there will be more of cleared up space for creative spontaneity to arise.

  • Reduce or eliminate access to your social network unless there is a justifiable urgency. Instead try to create connections with people where you are and learn through active observation. Beware of checking news and "going ons" out of boredom, it just stupefies your mind into escape of habitual inertia.
  • Explore the benefits of silence — a very practical path into self-awareness.

All of these suggestions are not intended to encourage you to become a cop trying to manage a gridlock traffic of your mind.If you begin that, you will create preferences for one set of thoughts and hostility toward the other. Whatever you'll resist will grow bigger as you focus on it. Soon enough you'll have a mental job for yourself — frustrating and impossible to do. 

Just relax, let it go and slow down external input — unplug yourself. Cultivate mindfulness, notice your thoughts and feelings without preference, observe it all and limit world's access beyond where you are. There will be more chances that you come back renewed and rejuvenated. 

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