Taking Road Trip Alone For Happiness.

Taking a road trip alone has a wonderful possibility to increase self-awareness and insight into own life. Going for a road trip alone could be very stimulating. The process itself creates a mental cocoon where a necessity to be focused on the road combined with operating a car keeps the mind in the present moment. That helps mind to relax from grasping to a habit of incessant thinking and give rise to a spontaneous sense of freedom.

Taking a road trip could be a great use of being alone for self-nurturing, fun and inner rejuvenation. It could be a one-day or spanning multi-day adventure. When planning for the trip alone, approach it with intention of nurturing yourself with adventure of self-discovery. This can result in deepened self-appreciation, acceptance and awareness who you are along with many unexpected "aha" moments. 

By the nature of limited distraction available, driving a long distance has a magic of opening up deeper levels of mind. Some old memories may come up to be looked at in a different light. Lulled by continuous focus on the road, some spontaneous inspiration may rise to reveal your heart's desire. You may suddenly find solution to the area of your life that seemed impossible to change. Road trip alone could be magical.


  • Set Intention.
    Think of it as a road trip to happiness. It can't be a source of your happiness, but it could provide perfect conditions for connecting to a place of happiness within. Set intention for total enjoyment of road trip alone. Treat it as a gift to yourself, therefore see every bit of it as precious: preparation, driving and a destination as equal. Set your mind to be free from hurry or pressure of a deadline even you have time restrictions. Make it a special time spend with yourself. Aim for mindset of gratitude.

  • Be Responsible.
    Decide to be a good driver with relaxed and forgiving attitude toward others. Treat yourself with attention as if you're a passenger. It means do not push for a destination, allow yourself to enjoy the journey. 
    Pull out for beautiful landmarks, vistas and natural attractions. Allow your curiosity guide you like a child, and attend to it like a loving parent. Plan a road trip for comfort and safety and care for your needs as journey evolves.
    Avoid pushing yourself to drive when you tired or not alert. Be vigilant and caring for yourself as you would for the other.

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Driving Trip Route.
Before going on a road trip alone become familiar with details of the route.

  • Even though many cars now are equipped with GPS navigation, don't blindly rely on them. Explore the route on the map using Google Earth feature if possible. 
  • Mark down possible points of interest, rest stops and overnight stays if it's a multi-day trip. Even though you like to have it to be an adventure with plenty of spontaneous discoveries, prepare a rough skeleton of a route at least.

Pack For Comfort.
Essentials for a road trip alone:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Blanket or Sleeping Bag
  • Plenty of water and snacks
  • Flashlight
  • Tire Sealant
  • Roadside Assistance Service

Food For The Soul.

  • Create a playlist of music that would support feeling a good vibe.
  • Bring several audio courses that promotes your inner growth intellectually and spiritually. 
  • Have an audio book that nurtures your soul. 
  • Have an audio recorder for spontaneous thoughts. 
  • Camera to record and connect with adventure.

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