Facing Return From Travel.

Return from travel could be very challenging. Depending on the length and intensity of your journey, it could be even depressing. It is very often that after a prolonged absence that we choose due to travel or work abroad, the idea of coming back is somewhat threatening to say the least.

It could be fraught with anxieties of facing "old life". It perhaps expectations of our friends and simply a boredom of daily survival routine of financial obligations to uphold the standard of living that reflect to us changed awareness and values we realized through the experience. 

Knowing some key factors what to expect upon return from travel could mean a great success in a cycle of a journey. If you succeed, then you can do it again to continue experiencing your passion for travel in a masterful manner.

Steps for adjustment after travel.

Knowing that return from travel will present you with challenges to adjust your daily routine structure will help you not to be overwhelmed with regrets, disdain, wishful thinking and unchecked desire to escape. Not being aware of what to do to re-integrate your interior life into the rhythm of the society you left, could result in feelings of despair, depression or suicide.

It is not about agreeing or disagreeing with how things are in the society. It is about being conscious about your continuous growth and transformation and managing it positively within perceptual reality.

Upon return from travel you might be challenged to learn that sitting still could be much more difficult than travel. Your learning didn't stop with the trip, you may realize. All the lessons, insights and shifts in perspective you experienced on the trip will continue reverberate manifesting affinities, values and relationships — different from the ones you had when you departed. You might be confronted with despair and presented with an opportunity to examine and transform travel depression.

  • Make a list of action steps when you return from travel that will keep you engaged and focused. Make after travel adjustments by including activities in your life that will help you get grounded in the present. These activities will help you to be connected mentally, emotionally to your physical location while keep the perspective on a whole of your life.

  • Travel changes us. We grow, by challenging ourselves while stepping out of a comfort zone on the trip daily. We come back different people. Knowing this, you can expect a reverse culture shock and be prepared to embrace its natural course of collision. Change happened both ways: you had numerous insights and unique experiences, people you left upon departure didn't stay the same.
  • Create an inspired life vision for return from travel.

  • When you are turning back home from enlightening experience of freedom and discovery of travel, don't create false expectations of how you should be regarded by others. Stay real and open and be prepared that not everyone will be glad. There will be people that will try to minimize significance of your experiences and subconsciously trying to diminish the value. Don't let yourself be affected, understand instead that your taste of freedom is challenging to those who value security and possibly resent themselves for it.
  • When you return home continue to cultivate a mindset of freedom. Recognize three aspects that govern experience of Authentic Freedom: 
    Freedom from unexamined habits 
    Freedom from mental superficiality 
    Freedom from vagueness — avoidance of decision.
  • Live in a spirit of abundance as you learned on the trip — you always had everything you needed.

  • Upon return continue to nurture yourself with attention to all levels of your human experience.

    Physical - for your body.
    Mental — for your intellect.
    Emotional — for your feelings.
    Spiritual — for Authentic Self.
    Commit to an unconditional self-regard to value your authenticity.
  • After the travel continue to review lessons learned. Choose the way to communicate your experience. Convert your experience into value for others, thus move into dynamic of abundance by giving to others. Communicate your experience through any form that is accessible to you, be it a book, guided trip, movie or portfolio of work. Share it on social networks to relieve your trip through comments, and reviews. Start the outflow.
  • Join the community of like minded individuals to receive support and encouragement for yourself and give to others.

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