Recreation Travel Preparation
for Self-Renewal Trip.

Holistic approach to recreation travel preparation is characterized by inclusion of all aspects of getting ready to do a trip. The more prepared you are, the less likely you will encounter a situation that could set you up to disappointment and frustration. 

Though you will encounter surprises, by all means you'll be ready to handle them. Travel preparation tips for authentic traveler who is using journey as a method of self-inquiry, nurture and soul therapy, would regard both physical and psychological aspects of this process.

Recreation travel preparation: Less is More

  • What to Pack. Even for recreational travel, preparation of your luggage is very important. The quality attention you put into it, will pay you convenience and flexibility dividends throughout your trip. How well you assemble our bag can determine the flow of your experience. Whether to pack a lot of things, just "because I might need them", or miss an important article can equally cause undue stress. Avoid spontaneity while packing your stuff, methodical and slow evaluation of what is necessary for your life on the trip is highly recommended.

    I learned my packing philosophy while traveling through India for the first time. My learning crystallized when I had to toss my bags out of departing train in Agra, following with a dive out of moving carriage. There I have attained travel preparation advice: "less is more".
  • Trip Route. For both, adventure and recreation travel, preparation of your trip route is essential. It is a nature of rewarding travel experience that plans will change and ideas arise within unforeseen conditions, both happy and not so. However developing a a detailed knowledge of a basic route is paramount. Besides safety, it is a caring gesture toward yourself and those who would like to care for your successful return. 

    Take time and use resources for a trip route arrangement. Trip route preparation begins with inspiration on a character and a region of your travel.

  • Traveler Mindset. To elevate success of your journey with attention to psychological aspect of recreational travel, preparation is as important. 
    Develop a mindset of adventurer before you set out on your trip. 

    It is similar to an athlete training to win — some days he might run exceptionally well, some less so, but he keeps his courage to continue. As a solo traveler, you will be face to face with practicing psychological self-reliance. Having a mindset of openness and knowing your power within, you will manage to gain priceless and unique experiences without being disheartened.
  • Practices For Travel Therapy. With intention every trip becomes a part of therapeutic travel. There could be many reasons and life events that disrupt our smooth day to day existence. Therefore by giving yourself a time and space away from demands and distractions of ordinary life you may encounter better conditions for healing a loss of a dear one, gain clarity of purpose or renew appreciation of your life. 
    Here are transformative practices for therapeutic travel.
  • Gear for Self-Discovery. For recreation travel, preparation of gear is straight forward. For an authentic traveler with intention of personal development and Self-inquiry, there is a special importance for self-discovery gear (see why). I wouldn't go even for a day trip without this gear.

    Imagine if you go for a week or a month with intention of soul therapy, there would be so many details and events that you could miss. 
    You might like to assemble a self-documentary toolbox for recording your travel. Those experiences, once communicated, could bring value to many other people and financial rewards to you, if you decide to do so.
  • Language Study. It is so reassuring when you get off the plane, you can say a few phrases to a local person. Whether it is asking for directions or ordering food — your immersion experience already started. Give it serious thought, as learning a few key phrases is absolutely easy to do. Even though English continues to reach deeper into other territories, having stashed few local words can open doors to one of a kind experiences. 

    There is plethora of programs and methods to get up to speed with many languages and it is possible learn enough to feel comfortable enough to begin your journey. Tim Ferris developed a system how to learn any language in 3 months. For immersion research or recreation travel, preparation of at least a hundred words will get you better access, safety and comfort.
  • How to learn any language in 3 months

  • Rehearse your Trip. Now that you put all the pieces of your recreation travel preparation together, find quiet time to let your universe get engaged. Set your experience in motion by applying spiritual technology of visualization. Get assistance of your subconscious mind and begin merging with experience on a quantum level.

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