Insight Into Reality Creation With Mindful Travel.

You might notice how you participate in reality creation of your experience as you continue to immerse yourself into travel expedition.

As you move into places unknown to you before, begin to question how do you know what you know, why do you like what you like and why you don't what you don't like. Here is an opportunity for an insight into reality begins to arise offering you a look behind the screen of your life reality creation.

Long before you knew of a remote place where your footsteps recently crossed, or even before an inspiration to visit, it didn't exist in your universe. This place's existence in your reality begun with the idea of it perhaps, a story, someone's picture of it or your own incidental discovery of it. 

Long before Columbus's faced the shores of America, it was there from the time immemorial, since the landmass appeared above the water. Yet when he stepped on the terra firma of the unknown continent, he proclaimed that he"discovered" it. It never existed in the reality of said Columbus, nor in collective knowledge of Europeans. 

Experience of travel can provide you with an insight into what reality of your world is, that the world is essentially an assembled experience of an individual. It is not to say that there is no Universe exist, but at the moment we attempt to perceive it, we do it by the means of our human sensory and cognitive faculties. Which don't provide us with an insight into reality that exists independently of our modes of investigation. 

Science knows that our experience is a construct. Sensory information is processed by the brain, gets correlated by designation of the mind which gives rise to our own experience. If you hold an steady focus and turn lens of inquiry into your self reality creation, interesting questions may be rising. What constitutes this "I", what am I?

A question of mindful concentration will give you a closer look at the moment-to-moment nature of self. Mindful inquiry will show how thoughts, feelings, images and sensations constantly shift in the mind and body.

Mark Epstein, author and psychotherapist summarized it — 
"Rather than promoting a view of self as an entity or as a place with boundaries, the mindfulness practices tend to reveal another dimension of the self-experience, the one that has to do with how patterns come together in a temporary and ever evolving organization." 
"Thoughts Without a Thinker"

Test this awareness with your own perception of traveler-observer and you might reveal many insights into reality creation mechanism that continues to work in your life.

From a starting point, seeing the whole of our life is like standing at a distance of a large LCD screen. Colors, shapes are seen as a mass completely filling the screen. We begin to distinguish images that connect to the narrative of it. 

As we look and notice that there are many stories appearing as separate thumbnails about ourselves and others, about our past and our future, about why and how things became to be, about what we like and what we don't like. 

Without awareness insight, we post these thumbnails on the screen of "me", that is kept real by "my" beliefs and "my" conclusions, "my" attitudes and "my" positions, "my" wounds and "my" fears, "my" successes and "my" failures, "my" limitations and "my" strengths.

When we experience personal disturbance, upset or agony of loss — all suffering, our attention might be attracted to a particular thumbnail on the screen of "me" and we might be called many times to look closer at that particular snapshot of experience. It is not the experience itself, only a thumbnail on the screen of the mind. 
With more focused attention based in unconditional self-acceptance, the code, the narrative that keeps the thumbnail fixed can be recognized.

Recognizing appearances of the mind frozen into objects — thumbnails supported by code of narratives, may lead to a deeper realization of the source of your life's experience — you tell yourself about it. You may get a look behind the images — the screen itself and realize the freedom from the cycle of "seeing" — "identifying" — "reacting" — "projecting" — "seeing".

Having received an insight into reality creation awareness, you may gain skill and wisdom to change your display. You may enter ever-changing dynamic flow of authentic reality, pervaded with unconditioned joy, love and genuine happiness, blissful as is — empty of limited perceptions. 

Realizing that the world is YOUR image of the world and you are constantly updating your life's screen, you might be compelled to be mindful of actions of mind, speech and body: what you think, what you say and what you do.

“Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation for your future.” — Louise Hay — "Experience Your Good Now!".

This gives you a responsibility to realize that you are skillful co-creator by default and every action is aligned with a consequence. The whole life may become a mindfulness practice within all diversity of expression. 

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