Qigong Practice To Manage Body Energy System.

Qigong practice is a powerful meditation of mindful concentration. It helps generate and move the QI energy through the body, thus effectively releasing energetic blockages and bringing the power of undivided mind into the present, increasing awareness, vitality and emotional well-being. 
All cultures are recognizing subtle energy that could be gathered in the body or projected on another person. Jesus of Nazareth healed by laying of the hands for example.

Qigong practice is a system of meditative exercises developed by Chinese Taoists and mountain sages. It has two objective benefits: spiritual and physical. Qigong for spiritual well-being promotes meditative awareness, which goal is to become tranquil and fully alert.

Qigong for physical wellness is gearing up to build strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Qigong practice create a state of mental and physical clarity. It helps you to tap into healing energy in nature and the healing energy of the Universe.

As a traveler on a path of spiritual and personal transformation, you can benefit greatly by implementing Qigong for travel exercises into a starting ritual of your day by building up your Qi. 

By practicing you have a good chance to bring your mind into single-pointed focus directed by your awareness. There are numerous Qigong exercises; here are three basic stances that congregate Qi in the body and help sharpening the mind. Practice these exercises every morning.

1. Stance Of Power.

This Qigong practice makes you a clear channel for Universal Qi to flow through your body.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent so that projected straight line from your kneecaps would cover your toes. Maintain your joints relaxed but not locked.
  • Sink your weight into the ground like a tree with deep roots. 
    Relax your abdomen, release your belly and make it soft as you breathe through it.
    Breathe through a diaphragm : when you inhale — your belly expands, when you exhale, — it sinks back in. Naturally your breath slows down as you breathe through the nose and your chest is relaxed.
  • Shoulders are let go down and your head is light, suspended like a cotton cloud. Keep your eyes open and peaceful, not focused on anything in particular. 
  • Keep your tongue bent upward to close the energy circuit in the body and to help hydrate your body with saliva. Mind is silent and aware like a vast sky without any clouds.
  • Send your awareness out into the whole universe: imagine that you are on top of the tallest mountain and see the whole world before you. 
  • Open your eyes wide as if you perceive the original Qi of the Universe and nothing can distract you. 
  • Lift your arms slowly from the sides and bring them up above slightly behind your forehead palms downward. Pause and switch your intent to direct your awareness inward. Here you are mixing external Qi with internal Qi of your body and your hands moving slowly down in front of you palms facing body, visualize as external Qi is mixing in as it cleanses your organs from toxins and stagnant Qi in your body.
  • Bring your hands on the level of your belly, pause and shift your intention to release the toxins and stale energy into the earth through your legs. You do it by slightly bending till your palms reach knee level.

Repeat this exercise 9 times (recommended by sages).

2. Embrace The Tree Stance.

This Qigong practice is optimal exercise for gathering and storing healing energy. It is important to build your energy reserve and increase Qi field between your hands.

  • Start with Qigong Stance of Power and begin to lift your hands in front of you up to a shoulder level. Imagine that you lift them by the strings attached to both of your wrists. It is important to lift your arms that way as the rest of the body can remain undisturbed.
  • As you lift your arms on the shoulder height, imagine embracing a ball of Qi in front of you, it should look like you are embracing the tree trunk. 
  • Hold this position for as long as you COMFORTABLY can, ideally 10 to 15 minutes. Be patient, but do not force yourself; this is the time to train to breathe slowly and become mindful of your body. The slower you breathe, the more sensitive and open your mind becomes. While keeping this posture, allow your long and soft gaze into a distance. If you do it in a beautiful scene, let it be a part of your practice energetically. 

  • Keep your mind focused on the present. You're not thinking about the past or the future. There is no craving for results — you just being present and attentive. It is about restorative awareness. If your mind wanders off, bring it back by focusing on the breathing.

3. Snake Posture.

This Qigong practice comes from energy balance that snake symbolizes. If you were to pick a snake up, then you may notice that the energy is evenly distributed throughout a body of a snake. It represents an evenness of energy.

  • Start from Embrace of The Tree Stance. Shift your weight to one leg. 
    Lift the heel of unweighted leg off the floor.
  • Feel the weight on the loaded half of the body. Turn your body 45˙toward unloaded side while folding your loaded side hand into a "snake head" by folding fingers into a fist leaving index finger pointing out — to direct flow of Qi. 
    Let the unfolded hand's palm open facing pointing finger of a "snake hand" to catch its energy and direct it outward.

  • Hold this posture for a minute or two, then return to Embrace The Tree stance.Then slowly shift the position to load the weight on the opposite side.
  • Turn 45˙ toward unloaded side, point a "snake hand" with index finger extended toward the center of the palm of another hand. 
    Hold the posture, breathe mindfully, letting the Qi flow comfortably.
  • Then return to Embrace The Tree stance and let your hands slowly float down to your sides.

Exercises are inspired by instructions of Qigong master Kenneth Cohen

If you do this Qigong practice consistently for 21 day, you may notice a noticeable adjustment to your energy level, emotional balance and metabolism. You may begin notice very subtle body signals getting stronger regarding self-care and nutrition choices.

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