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With Power Of Optimism.

We easily detect power of optimism when we encounter a person whose feet are planted firmly on the path of purpose. We need not confuse optimism with passive naiveté of what commonly mislabeled as positive thinking. Power of optimism is real and it provides us with energy to continue facing disagreeable conditions in the process of conscious co-creation.

Optimism is power coming from awareness of key factors about yourself and how life works. Without optimism humans would not attempt to develop and invent, create works of art and literature, care for ourselves and others.

It is a strength of intention to bring a vision of reality into a conscious experience that defines optimism. It is an inner resolve to profile the meaning of what is currently available to fit a desired goal. It is not a delusion, but rather a choice based on understanding that we experience the utmost depth of reality through the meaning we assign to it. Power of optimism is such that the person whose perception is trained to have such an attitude, attempts to see value in every circumstance and condition.

So it appears that someone endowed with a optimistic power to be lucky and free from setbacks or obstacles. If you investigate closely, optimists do encounter obstacles and difficulties, but they don’t register them through resistance. Optimists have power to continue, to transcend, to surmount obstacles.

It is an endowment of a nurtured soul when seen from perspective of spiritual psychology, or a mind with a positive thinking of faith, which is knowing that nothing external has inherent quality in it to be a cause of genuine happiness, it is an internal process.

Rewire Power Of Optimism Into Your Brain.

Before we examine the reasons for increasing the power of optimism, it would be helpful to know how most of us come short of having it consistently.

We are going to look at how we shape our life experiences. It is important to know the difference between your mind and your brain. Brain is the operating organ that is responsible for safety and preservation of your body. In very simple terms it operates through neuronal circuits established upon reward system of feeling good and comfortable, what called insticts. 

Your conscious mind is where your intellect resides, your ability to reason and free will — the ability to accept and reject ideas.

The thoughts you consciously hold will determine the outcome of situations in your life. You hold that power of choice that no one can take away from you.

Subconscious mind holds every detail turned to it through your emotions and actions. Whatever ideas we choose to impress upon it, it has to accept it; and it continues to express those ideas automatically through what we call habit.

Our conscious mind, our identity isn’t developed until approximately the age of seven, so all the emotions, ideas and beliefs of people around us before that time go straight into our subconscious mind without examination. Soon it all begin to be expressed back to us through the outer conditions and circumstances. We see them and we begin to think, but most often we don’t think, we just react in accordance with our beliefs. 

When we look at our circumstances, most often we react to them with a preprogrammed explanation, with excuse, with our story that keeps us right back in a comfort zone.

As children we don’t question what’s possible as we grow and get socialized; we are told to conform and behave in a cord with a group. We were born with unique desire to be realized, but through systematic education we have been programmed to survive.

Power of optimism naturally arises when our heart’s desire is given expression. Most people, when they look inside themselves don’t see a heart’s intent, instead they see beliefs given to them by other people. And if those beliefs are about fear, limitation and survival, they determine how we perceive risk of engaging opportunities.

When optimism is guided by a purpose of heart’s desire or a meaningful direction, creativity is reflected in every step of the way. For an optimist failure doesn’t exist — it is seen only as an opportunity for learning. 

Optimism is an internal shift from automatic reaction to circumstances to perception of value aligned with larger purpose. The way we choose to use our intellect determines our emotions, and our brain responds with establishing fresh neural pathways — new habits.

Reasons For Developing Power of Optimism.

  • Overcoming Obstacles. We can confidently say that any new endeavor you take will encounter some sort of an obstacle. It may show up as as a result of our search for answers. Optimistic attitude guides us to perceive it only as a signpost to a better choice or a better way to do or accomplish something.
  • Resilience. As humans we are wired to continue on the line of learning and will inevitably face what commonly called failures. The power of optimism converts every life situation into a perfect lesson. Optimist chooses to see nothing wasted, instead have it used as opportunity for learning and growth. Power of optimism rises through holding intention for the all encompassing higher meaning and purpose. This in turn creates emotional style of quick recovery from setbacks and energetic stagnation.
  • Comfort Zone and Inspiration. Comfort zone is where our habits keep us in order to survive, sheltered from taking risks to experience more life. Power of optimism opens our mind to a possibility beyond what we can see with our physical eyes, it inspires us to imagine and take a first step towards bringing it into experience.
  • Lucky Resourcefulness. Because optimist doesn’t identify with a failure, in other words doesn’t frame it as inherently self-existent opposition. Instead understands that it is a manner of perception and use resourceful persistence, is able to work with it in secret, until it transforms into what appears as a lucky, perfect opportunity.
  • Abundance. Power of optimism redirects our attention from focusing on what is “wrong” or “not enough”, to “what I can do with what I have” or “how can I find value in this” type of attitude. Optimist knows that whatever we give our attention to grows, therefore she constantly reframes the perspective of limitation to possibility, while taking actions aligned with life’s purpose.


This a list of practices that will let you tap into the power of optimism. They would serve as boosters if put into service toward a goal, purpose or meaning you give your life.

•Gratitude. Practice this state of mind regardless of object. You are alive! Wherever you find yourself it is your result. It is your creative opportunity that magnetizes supporting conditions.

•Forgiveness. Forgive yourself and forgive others. You can’t change the past, but you can change your relationship to the memory of it. Let go of burdens and chains of the past with passion! Positive emotions can undo the effects of negative experiences.

•Generosity. Always practice giving to others without expecting something back. You can give material things, your time, insight or position of being right. It opens your mind to the flow of possibilities and creates an inspired environment.

•Rejoicing In Success of Others. Notice good deeds and successes of others, knowing that those results came through cultivation of good thinking and action. When you rejoice, your mind is suffused with similar qualities that can lead to good action.

•Accomplishments. You get an instant boost of optimistic energy when you’re accomplishing.  Set up sequence of small goals, an integral part of a bigger goal and do your absolute best to accomplish them. Design them to be realistically reachable by yourself or with the help of others. Schedule to accomplish something every day and see your energy rise!

•Good Humor. Find an angle to be cheerful, to laugh kindly without demeaning yourself or anyone else.

•Random Acts of Kindness. Look out for opportunities to be kind to others when unexpected. It sharpens our choice faculties to enlarge our mindscape, it breaks down barriers of isolation and puts us in a position of positive influence.

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