Secret To Meaningful Travel - Positive Perception.

Positive perception is essential to having a meaningful trip. To have authentic travel experience is to be able to be in a midst of utter chaos and be okay. To be able to do so, you need to know yourself

Initiate your journey departure by committing to a positive perception of life. What it means is dropping mental limitations of perceiving reality as static with your assumed fixed place in it. It implies an attitude shift from confrontational to positive relationship with life.

Leaving behind familiar environment with proximity to a supportive network of friends and comfortable distractions and facing the uncertainty of solo adventure, may bring to surface emotions underlying life events. There might be unforeseen situations presenting challenges that test your spirit's fortitude. You co-create meaningful travel by keeping a positive perspective of adventure regardless of a circumstance. 

It is about decision to use time of being with yourself for aligning closer with your soul's purpose — to learn and grow. It is an intention to see all your reactions to whatever situation you find yourself, both positive and negative, internal and external as guideposts for your growth and transformation.

"The emotions are a mirror of the soul. They provide a window into the way we perceive the world, the stories we create about events, and guidance from the non-linear realm of being toward freedom, compassion, and presence. All emotions are guides. In asking what we learn from them a more authentic relationship with ourselves, others, and Life itself is revealed."
-Joan Borysenko 
Author of "Dark Night of The Soul" 

Choosing to keep positive perception is beneficial not only to you but others as well. By choosing to hold a positive perception you give rise to conditions for others to shift their view to more empowered one, that of meaning and opportunity. 
It all may start with decision to shift perspective, to find a way to see all circumstances as having some value for you.It is not our usual habit to empower ourselves through positive interpretation of reality. 

Most often we ran on automatic program of looking for what is not in compliance with our expectations — that which needs to improve. If not used skillfully with discernment, there is a risk that this inclination will grow into a negative, deficit-seeking habit.
When we are faced with a situation, there is a choice to take something of value from the opportunity and build on it or remain stuck in a pattern of reaction to it.

Intention to live with positive perception is the catalyst that transforms potential probability of reality into its high-octane energy of growth and transformation. This energy fuels creativity, and widely known as optimism.

Choosing to hold a positive perception is to become a spiritual alchemist on the road and being able to transform anything life dishes up into material for inner growth and development as an authentic human being. 
Our ability to have a positive outlook on life is determined by intention to transform our way of being as consumer of life to empowered co-creator of one's own reality.

When something happens, a disturbance or and accident it is naturally to think that life is just dumping it on you and you have no choice about it. The easy response is to go into feeling bad, thinking: "poor and unlucky me". And in the opposite, if you win a lottery you might think that all your problems now will be solved. If that happened you'd find out that it not quite so.

When we explore closely our experience, we find that the circumstances of life don't happen to us objectively outside of ourselves either good or bad to a degree of potentiality. But how we respond to them makes them "sealed" into a category to which we relate certain way: how we view it, how we think about it, how we engage with it positively or negatively. 

We are co-creating reality by how we relate or engage with it. The situations come into existence in our individual universes of experience relative to us, how we identify the situation, how we label it. It isn't absolutely "out there" as if thrown at us, we co-create by giving it a meaning. It is our dance with reality.
The science of quantum physics concludes that: "measured system rises in relation to the system of measurement".
When our system of measurement is based on intention to approach all circumstances with positive perception regardless of how it contributes to our feelings at the moment. Then there we have a space to exercise our power through ability to choose our response. It comes through inner knowing that outer circumstances serve as screen of our inner experience.

How To Develop And Maintain Positive Perception.

In order to experience life as a learning process, first you need to change the attitude with which you measure a value of your life. If you are conditioned to measure a meaning of life solely through accumulation of wealth, recognition and power, that will result in feeling confined by polarities of "having it" or "not getting it". Whereas Life is a continuum of growth, not a selection of such snapshots.

Positive perspective is a shift from reactionary mindset of survival guarded by fear and rigidity, to learning orientation to life that is founded on a different set of beliefs that embrace taking new actions, listening to intuition and manifests flexibility to change. 
One of which is that growth is not an event but a process.

  • Encourage yourself with faith that any situation taken with positive outlook will result in your ability to gain knowledge and transform yourself in a meaningful way.
  • Remind yourself that there's no independent reality "out there" without you giving it your unique meaning, a "measurement".
  • Positive outlook is maintained through recognition of outer experience as reflection of inner reality.
  • Accepting personal responsibility empowers you and opens the door to freedom.
  • Release your negative judgments as final definitions of missed choices or opportunities: there are no mistakes, only opportunities for learning.
  • Practice with self-supportive discipline that demonstrates self-love. In other words don't be harsh with yourself.

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