Positive Affirmations - Conscious Building Blocks Of Manifestation.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS represent an energy infused snapshot of an outcome you are committing to bring into manifestation expressed through words. It is a very effective technique when used in conjunction with creative visualization in the process of co-creating.

When embarking on the journey with intention of self-discovery and freedom prompted by causes for self-renewal , you may choose to employ the knowledge of the power of words. According to Yvonne Oswald, a renown NLP practitioner, a study by Raymond Birdwhistle in 1970 proved that the words you speak to others represent just 7 percent of the results you get from your communication. 

The words you speak to yourself, however generate 100 percent of the results you'll get in your life, as your own mind interprets and follows your instructions. 

Use of positive affirmations has a purpose of greater power to apply language consciously. As the technique is designed to be practiced with dedication of belief and more focus is concentrated on the vibrational meaning of the word.

Enthusiastic repetition of affirmations helps greatly in maintaining a consistent focus on positive direction and specific goals.

Consistent use of visionary affirmations helps to shift focus from outcomes to be avoided to the results to be achieved.

" A traveller came to a worksite and saw two men carrying stones. One man was working listlessly, with a sullen expression on his face, while the other was cheerfully singing as he busily carried stone after stone. 'What are you doing?' asked the traveller of the sullen worker. 'Laying stones' was his reply. 'What are you doing?' he also asked the industrious worker. 'Building a cathedral' was his reply". 

- Medieval tale

While going away on therapeutic travel with the intention of change and authentic empowerment, create positive affirmations about desired outcome. Instead of focusing on things that you would not like to encounter or outcomes to be avoided, positively affirm what you like to experience.


  • Use enthusiastic language infused with spirit of achievement and gratitude.
  • State the desired outcome as if it is happening in the present tense.
  • Be specific about the outcome while keep your mind open for a greater good.
  • Practice writing them until you write the one that is inspiring, creative and feels that it captures what you really want.

"I am blessed with awareness of choice to be flexible with myself and others, as it allows me to receive help, positive feedback and opportunities to create lasting authentic connections".

“Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation for your future.” Louise Hay 

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