Travel Could Increase Personal Spiritual Development.

What is personal spiritual development and how travel could facilitate spiritual training?

It is an expansion of flow of awareness resulting in elevation of individual consciousness. Its direction is from mundane to transcendental, from material to subtle, from form to formless, non-dual.The vehicle of personal spiritual development is awareness. The awareness is deeply individual process of focused attention that generates an internal experience of cognition, an experience as it is perceived.

Personal spiritual development is accelerated by positive states of mind and its purpose is always to liberate and promote an expanse of more life to all. That means it doesn't take away choice to expand and grow from another individual.

How can travel work for personal spiritual development?

Going away from the comfort of familiar settings and pulling away from daily pre-occupations does a very positive effect on self-awareness. When faced with new environment, your mind tends to be refreshed by necessity of being alert. It is instigated by apparent absence of comfort zone held together by configuration of habits.

  • Travel can bring an initial jolt of discomfort and spontaneous circumstances can help awaken conscious intentions to be tolerant and receptive, compassionate toward yourself and others. You may be confronted with your shadow - parts that you would like to change about yourself. You'll accelerate your spiritual training by befriending yourself in stressful or emotionally difficult situations — which often serve as major milestones pointing to opportunities to develop spiritual fitness.
  • Travel may be alluring due to sensation of freedom we feel through temporary opening of suspended obligations of daily life woven into work, business and relationships. The feeling of freedom once savored may grow into a strong desire to abandon superficial existence and embrace life of an authentic individual.
  • Authentic travel expands self-awareness and can bring change to orientation to life from being perceived as solid set of circumstances and events to realization that as an individual, you are an inseparable participant in the co-creation process.

Sometimes growth happens through unimaginable and rather difficult circumstances, that could not be understood on the level of ordinary "sleepy" consciousness. It could be understood through wisdom and compassion with caring deeply for others, for one cannot bear being happy seeing the world of unhappy people.

Spiritual development cannot genuinely occur through superficial assumption of rules of behavior of a particular group. 

Spiritual development is not an external fad or movement reflective of whims and popularity of ego-centric behavior. It is a radical re-alighnment and recognition of your true spiritual nature (individuated consciousness, soul, primordial mind) having a human experience.

Training for spiritual mastery is a process of shedding away one's delusional identification with conceptual catalog of life's definitions from which each one of us assembles "me" as a separate notion which is measured by being "better" of "worse" than "you". 

Personal spiritual development can't be assumed externally through code of behavior, manner and expression for it may only occur as integral transformation which is not achieved for the purpose of recognition, fame or acceptance, yet it leads to personal empowerment and often expressed through authentic leadership to help others achieve liberation from limitations of static identity.

The purpose of spiritual training is to realize your enlightened nature and capacity to act with boundless compassion and wisdom to bring great benefits to others; and convey pure realm of experience that fosters realization of enlightenment in others.

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