Magic Of Personal Responsibility Power.

How can we use travel for self-empowerment and practice of personal responsibility power? 

Independent travel has an innate factor of self-empowerment. It is the magic of personal responsibility power that gives you ability to transform yourself, to face with confidence whatever life dishes up for you.

"Man is made or unmade by himself. By the right choice he ascends. As a being of power, intelligence and love, and the lord of his own thoughts, he holds the key to every situation."
- James Allen

When traveling independently, there is a sense of immediacy where decisions and results are directly linked. There is no one to accommodate when spontaneity strikes, you can move freely like an air. In exchange there are bigger risks and larger rewards of conquering the unknown within yourself and out in the world.

Travel alone has this main self-empowerment factor of personal responsibility power that gives rise to our sense of adventure and mastery over our physical dimension. 

It works like this: we decided on some imagined objective and set it firmly in our inner ideal scene vision
Then we started acting on a physical level to bring it into the realm of direct experience.

We could encounter external challenges and discouragement by information coming from others but we persisted and eventually unite with the initially imagined goal. 

We just experienced self-empowerment factor. In other words we transformed by magic of responsibility, adherence to our inner vision of life with purpose and meaning. 

Similarly a level of our personal responsibility power created our entire life experience until this very moment. 

Nothing in our experience happens "out there" even though the events taking place outside of ourselves. How we experience them is based uniquely on our emotional disposition, knowledge and conditioning of the past, our habits.

Events that arise in the field of our awareness don't exist as inherently solid in themselves. As a participating observer we interpret them according to our inner reality. This allows for infinite creativity to take place. If things and events were inherently solid and independent in themselves we all would perceive and respond to them identically.

 Most often we live without awareness of personal power of responsibility in the mode of unexamined reactions to external world. And thus being a subject to influence of others energies through their way of thinking, opinions and choices we might be caught in out of control victim cycle. 

Even when we resist and rebel, we still are in reaction to the power influence outside of us and therefore are its subjects.

Life is a creative process in which we create our individual experience with personal responsibility power.


Only when we become aware of our beliefs, mental habits and emotions we may begin to realize that they are "ours". 


When we begin to claim dominion over all levels of our experience: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, we consciously engage and retrain perception.

Begin Retrain Perception Following These Steps:

  • Deeply recognize the nature of who you are.

  • Realize that for everything to appear, there need to be a match between causes and conditions. We generate causes within and encounter corresponding conditions outside to have an experience that is uniquely "ours".

  • Abandon referring to yourself ever in a derogatory way, consciously practice positive self-talk.

  • Immediately stop blaming others or yourself, instead understand intentions.

  • Begin to notice when you label each experience first and how it effects your attitude toward it.

  • Look for meaning and value for your growth and learning in every situation, develop positive outlook.

Evoking personal responsibility power is a gateway to authentic freedom and ultimately leads to life meaning and purpose.

It requires to attend to our life with an attitude of loving care of a creator, an artist who cares deeply about his creation. 

The way meaningful travel journey goes, it naturally allows for quiescent moments of introspection rising from absence of urgency of daily tasks taking a big part of our typical modern life at home. 

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