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To Increase Personal Power.

We experience personal power in our lives daily. Sometimes we feel disempowered facing our circumstances and at other times we feel that the world is ours. Those are just two sample measurements of our sense of inner power. How can you gain inner power and what is it? What is personal empowerment and how to start this process?

Each one of us lives in a unique world of perception. You and I each individually command our universes. Each universe is a unique combination of multitude of factors that include your beliefs about the world outside of you, about others and about who you are. How we perceive the universe and our place in it sets the conditions for our experience. Nothing exists independently by itself without our perception giving it meaning.

We govern our universe either consciously through the actions of choice, or unconsciously through reaction to conditions created by others for us.


  • Imagination-Belief. We give our life direction and an impulse to manifestation of causes and ideas lodged in our beliefs and imagination. We recognize only information that is familiar to us subconsciously. But we can consciously choose the information that we imagine and hold as a belief through the process of visualization. We experience inner strength when we are not swayed by external appearances, but steadfastly hold a vision of an outcome.
  • Intention. Intention is the internal energy that is ready for action. It is different from a resolution powered by will due to its source. Source of powerful intention lays in the heart's deepest belief. When we align with our deepest heart's wish, subconscious belief, a lot of creative energy is released and we experience a natural increase of personal power to manifest.
  • Words. Words are the symbols of our thoughts. They reflect our most inner secret thoughts, even when we try to project a different image of our inner reality upon others. Words have immeasurable power to influence ourselves and others. 
    We empower or keep ourselves stuck on a daily basis without knowing it through the words we use in internal self-talk
    When we realize the Ideal Vision of ourselves and change our language to reflect that relationship, we instantly gain access to personal power by directing it through conscious use of the words. Here Sandra Ingerman presents an eloquent essay on the power of the words.
  • Decision. Decision is the most concentrated moment of our being. Decision is a single-pointed focus of our internal reality as it meets external circumstances. It is like a bow of a ship breaking headwaters into action. When we make a decision, we instantly create opportunities for action, however small and spontaneous they might be. Decision is an expression of inner power as it implies elimination of all other options, a complete oneness with the goal.
  • Action. Action is where the fusion of motivation and inner power to follow through takes place. This is where the formless energy of a thought and intention is given a form. When our action is aligned with our being (aka present moment thinking), the manifestation is what we call a miracle. The intensity of action is governed by our faith or belief in the goal.

These are the channels for expression of personal power. They are neutral by nature. We feel empowered when our channels of personal power are aligned and understand that our Universe works according to our intentions, when we accomplish our goals, receive fulfillment and experience success.


Process to increase personal power rests in a consistency of focused action. When we are aligned in all of the channels of our life force's expression according to our goal, we feel powerful. By consciously directing energy through these channels toward unified purpose, we are guaranteed direct experience of personal strength.

  • Imagination: turn your wish into consistent vision. Make it at least 50% believable.
  • Intention: scan for emotional blocks and release all conflicting subconscious intentions.
  • Words: Pay attention to your speech and turn words into affirmations of what you like to manifest.
  • Decisions: "burn the bridges" behind you, abandon all other options including hesitation and doubt. Believe actively.
  • Actions: act in alignment with the goal, your vision, as if your are the person from the vision.

  • "First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do" — Epictetus, Greek philosopher 55CE.

Traveling alone has a virtue of increasing self-knowledge and power due to a direct feedback from your travel itinerary. When you are on vacation alone, you are most likely taking on multitudes of opportunities to express your inspiration, make decisions and sustain creative action to achieve goals directly. Very often independent travel presents a variety of chances for spontaneity of adventure — a heart of travel where you can feel a fusion of personal power within the whole of your being. 

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