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Personal Life Purpose.

What is personal life purpose?

Life without a purpose resembles biological existence driven by instinctive impulses of survival and procreation. Such existence appears to be at the mercy of multitude of external influences and conditions that confine it to be regularly in a mental state of reaction. 

Unfortunately many human beings with capacity to think and being self-aware live without a personal life purpose which gives life a meaning within psycho-spiritual dimension. Life without purpose is like a ship without a compass: it has a precious value on board, its sails are set, but a captain doesn't know where in the vast ocean is the ship and which direction to steer it. 

Many people have tendency of unexamined approach to this life. Some live by assumption that fate is governing their lives and they have no input for direction. They might believe that their personal life purpose is going to be revealed to them by a higher source at a "right" time. 

They usually live in reaction to choices made by others, mistakenly believing that it is their "lot" in life. They often go about with de-activated personal power of responsibility where they don't recognize the link between the cause and effect in their experience. Unexamined life absent of personal life purpose revolves in a circuitous way which keeps manifesting through inconsistent decisions creating various degrees of misfortune, disadvantage and suffering.

Others treat personal life purpose like sort of a fantasy that one day may come true, and passing time through addictions and other forms of distraction, subconsciously waiting for the real thing, as if this moment in life somehow is only a rehearsal.  There is that type of element of wishing for "real life" to begin only when all the preferred components are assembled in order to launch it, in order to begin living a desired life. 

Personal life purpose is the bearing psychological structure of our existence. Absence of innate awareness of consistent purpose for life connected to others is the major cause of depression and suicide. It is what gives positive meaning to life events and suffuses us with creative effort of hope amidst adversity, this is what anchors us with inspiration to the fulfillment of the future. 


  • Happiness
    Living your personal life purpose is intricately connected to a state of genuine happiness. Living with purpose leads to a full taste of life, it gives meaning through growth and transformation. It opens a way for conscious participation with creative self-expression with passion of knowing that this life is short and unpredictable. Living on purpose is a life of fulfillment as it becomes a continuous movement of authentic expression of your creative genius.
  • Quality of Experience
    Your purpose of life is not something that you "do" in addition or as a separate activity within a context of daily living. It is a whole of your life, it is "how" you live your life. To align with personal purpose of life is to live an authentic life of heart-felt expression of being, having and doing what brings you immense satisfaction.  

    It helps to develop a holistic approach to life, the attitude where each experience is consciously taken as a beneficial lesson leading to more awareness, more insight, more personal mastery. That results in creative stability and inner peace — a life of optimism, enjoyment, curiosity and inspiration.
  • Value 
    When you give your life a purpose, your time and energy become more valuable. Clear vision of life purpose will immediately rise the internal value of your lifetime. This will be manifest in external world of circumstances: your priorities will change, your relationship with time will change and your associations will change. There will be a growing awareness of creative opportunities requiring your solutions and this will become a natural preference eliminating waste of time and distractions.

    Discovering a personal life purpose will equip you with a secret priority-meter; you will be in a position of being able clearly see whether any activity you are about to engage in fall in line with your life purpose or taking you away; when you about to invest your energy - your money into a product or service, you'll be able to evaluate correctly if it contributes to your life purpose or is a failing investment.
  • Success
    Internal change in values will constitute transformation in external life what is commonly called success. Your life will shift from ambivalence of aimless pursuits  into a consistent focus, from boredom to engagement with meaning, from endless consumption of entertainment to giving a meaningful effect into the world in a form of effective influence, valuable product, service or a way of being. 

    When you are aligned with meaningful life purpose, your life becomes a source of abundant energy for others and you naturally initiate an exchange of giving value to others and receiving an increase of what brings you fulfillment.


Traveling with intention could be very helpful in recognition of personal life purpose. Traveling for meaning has a way of exposing deeper aspects of your inner life.

When you are on the road, there is a unique chance of being removed from routine of daily busy-ness; and in silence you may begin to listen to what is really important. You can hear more clearly what your heart is yearning for. It might be uncomfortable if you're not used to it, but is necessary. 

          And when you start to think that you haven’t been the pilot of your life for a long, long time, you have no other choice but to hear what your soul is saying.  - Am I the person I think I am if nobody is there to tell me who I am?- A young man who quit business school while traveling across Asia.

Finding purpose in life is a process and is not something that will appear to you with a clear label, an indicator of some predictable results or a "placement" for career. It might appear in a shape of a small first step, which could be daunting due of unknown direction, yet you will consciously take it because it is something you can do.

Attaining purpose of life is intricately connected to becoming aware of hidden beliefs, attractions, imagination and consciously shaping them into predominant vision for life. 
Life vision is a consciously created narrative, a blueprint for life with meaning and values that reflect your deepest heart-felt desire. This is what generates energy to pursue direction of this unfolding path. Faith is the energy bridge between your heart's deepest wish and action that manifests personal life purpose in the physical realm. 

It encompasses a whole journey of life that comprises many individual action steps, large and small, but it has a very important one — a departure. It is like taking a cross-country night trip in a car: you see only a little distance at a time illuminated by headlights. But as you move forward, you constantly see more of the road ahead of you, always a next step. 

Most successful individuals that are aligned with their life's purpose commonly enjoy what they are doing, whether it is a service or creativity they exchange with others.

To determine your life purpose, you need to ask what is the most important component for your life to be happy. You need courage to examine your beliefs about yourself and your place in the universe. Replace any dysfunctional beliefs that limit your confidence and stifle your inspiration.  Open wide your curiosity and let your mind dwell in a positive state of openness arising from awareness of who you are

Consider writing down what bubbles up to the surface of your awareness. Consult a trusted mentor or a life coach to continue to clarify your direction. Ask your subconscious mind what would be the first step. Whatever that is, find that source that drives you and go after it. There is always a first step.

Attaining purpose of life could also begin with a reversal of a limiting instinct of self-absorption, an impulse of wanting and taking, with a decision to offer what you already have, your talent or abilities as service or value to others. Your knowledge, inspiration and passion, something you do that adds more meaning and beauty to life could enrich lives of others. Initiate the outflow of energy of your talents. 

Living  with personal life purpose gives you a direct experience of reality of interdependence - being connected to others through the influence of your creativity and choosing others' creativity as influence upon yourself. 

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