How Should I Be Packing For A Trip?

While packing for a trip all of the essentials, keep in mind practicality of the trip. Start with understanding of where your travel will take you. What kind of experience are you expecting out of your travel? As an independent traveler, it is very helpful to realize the rhythm of your trip, even approximately. That will help you to narrow down the number of things that you choose to pack in your bag.

Knowing what to pack in your suitcase is an integral part of a trip plan. The idea is to achieve ease of movement, convenience and maintain adoptability. These objectives come specially valuable if you are set to travel for some time and intend to visit several destinations. My ideal is to pack everything in one bag or a suitcase that is airline compliant to avoid checking anything in. In reality I settled on having a messenger bag as well. For international travel this option is somewhat harder to follow.

There I keep my tickets, phone, book or e-reader and all necessary gear within reach, while mindfully keeping it thin and light. I also include there a zip bag with one-third of a roll of folded toilet paper and a couple of snack bars for emergency.

Paking for a trip and complete Travel Preparation Advice

I learned packing for a trip this way to tackle several issues.

  • Peace of Mind. When I pack efficiently, I know where everything is in my bag and I am set to relax and enjoy the peace of mind while there is very often a turmoil or confusion in my environment. It is very useful when a plane is delayed, otherwise there would be nervousness and uncertainty if my bags were already checked in. I am rest assured as one unit and there nothing vital is separated from me that I need to think about.
  • To be Flexible. Packing for a trip to preserve flexibility is worthy of consideration alone. Not having to check a bag in might not look like a big deal, but not having to wait for it at the baggage carousel is. Depending where you are flying to, it may even be more worrisome. Sometimes you might get stuck in passport control line for few hours while you be worried sick about a fate of your luggage.

    If you missed a connecting flight and need to spend more unplanned hours in the airport, again you have access to your bag whenever you need. If you have plenty of time at the airport, it is easier to find a locker for one bag and go explore nearby city for few hours. If you have to take a train trip, in some countries you would have to deal with porters ferrying your belongings and you have to keep an eye on them.

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  • Economical. With one suitcase, you can travel economically. Packing for a trip tight gives you an option to use public transportation, bus or train to and from airport, instead of using a taxi. Also if you need to use a bus or train instead of plane, it is so much easier to get on and off with one piece than having to supervise a number of suitcases or bags. With one suitcase you don't need to hire help if you don't want to.
  • Luggage Security. Packing for a trip with one bag has an advantage of security. You know what is in your bag because you put everything there. There will be no changes in contents if you had control over your bag at all times. Depending on complexity of your itinerary and where your flight originates, you might find out that your luggage never made into the plane. The consequences could be devastating to your plans.

Whether you decide to follow this philosophy of packing for a trip entirely or use it as something to compare to your own experience, my intention for it is to be helpful. If you like a detailed list of what to pack for a trip, please follow the link below.

Packing For A Trip - What To Pack Itemized List.

Packing for a trip is only a part of travel preparation matrix. When you go travel with intention of being with yourself for adventure and discovery, you need to give special consideration to the gear. You would like to document as much as possible of your experience during travel. 

Self-Discovery gear is a set of tools to help you capture your thoughts, impressions, expressions and realizations. They, once captured will continue radiate with value and learning insights for a long time to come.

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