Need To Study Travel Effects Upon Ecology

by Jason

Aka Tribe, Northern Laos

Aka Tribe, Northern Laos

As a scientist who enjoys travel I like to observe the effects in the act of interpenetration of human cultures, technologies and diverse dimensions of awareness. With a sense of inevitable I observe this osmosis happening to various degrees in countries I visit. I see nomads of Mongolia using more motorcycles instead of horses, and tribes practicing animist beliefs of North East India being proselytized by more popular and dominant religions of the world. Along the curiosity-driven travel routes, I suspect we spread an invisible influence on local environments and ecology.
I strongly sense a need to explore the last known realms of our Earth that are untouched by man. My concerns are for the flora and fauna that have never met the challenge of the bacteria and viruses which attach themselves to us on our curious travel excursions into these last few unexplored realms.
Meaning of travel is revealed to me in a way that it allows me to see the interconnectedness of life on this planet and how our behavior influences other life forms.

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