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Once you return from travel, you may chose to monetize travel experience or offer it as a gift to the world. it is time to communicate the value of travel, of your insights and realizations. But in any decision it is great to communicate it with intention of value creation. 

After all if you had a meaningful adventure that touched your soul, then you already have a repertoire of deep insight that can be of great benefit to other travelers. If your solo journey elevated your awareness of self and a filtered perception of the world resulting in value for you, then there will be at least several people resonating with your perspective. 

The reasoning behind decision to monetize travel inspiration is based either on creating a work for yourself that expresses your thirst for discovery of places. I am not proposing a discovery in a grand sense as it is nearly impossible, as people — we are everywhere already. So very little discovery is left in absolute sense. But a personal travel foray of discovery viewed from an angle of a unique witness is imitable. 

That is what could be conveyed as significant value for your audience. The ideal result could be that you would continue to live of your passion, giving to those who is attracted to what you are doing, to inspiration, insight and entertainment. You would be having a natural incentive to grow personally with money for travel — for your time and efforts. 

Even if you decide monetizing travel is not for you, increase the effect of travel by organizing your notes, diary and clippings in a shareable format. Organize and edit your images into an easy visual flow. Do same for video clips — make it a package through which you can communicate your trip. By doing so you gain benefit two-fold. 

You get to exercise your editorial ability of a story teller, artist and an image-maker. You give opportunity to your visitors — your audience whoever they are, a clear point of view, an inspiration to connect and be creative. Besides, having it organized you complete a cycle of action, thus avoiding clutter and diffusion of your mental energy.


  • Publish a book. Depending on your intentions and active observation and creative diary writing on the trip, you may already have a book inside of you. Perhaps you could sense of your life seeping out as a metaphorical journey and you would like to give an expression. It could be overwhelming an idea to contemplate.Let’s face facts. You need friends in the book business who can help you get your book out of your head, onto paper, and into the hands of eager readers who in turn will become raving fans and followers. Writing, publishing and marketing a book is a big project. It requires an investment of time, energy, and money. More importantly, it requires knowledge of all the ins and outs of the publishing world.I am very fortunate to have great experience with published mentors at Love Your Life Publishing. The clarity of the step-by-step guidance and finessed encouragement that a fledging author needs is provided with intention to succeed.
  • Sell Photography. What would be enjoyable than seeing the images from the trip you created to be appreciated and purchased by others? If you just starting out on the path of training your photographic eye, it is worth investing some time and energy in learning how to capture what you see most successfully. It would be rewarding to go to a classroom with an instructor, but taking individual online courses with precise instructions can be a good alternative to accommodate for convenience and savings.If you have already artistic confidence, then arrange to have your work sold through full service photographer's platform. You may choose to create a free photostream at Flickr with appropriate license and then point interested inquiries to the page at Create an energetic, tight video clip of your journey on YouTube with the web address tag attached.
  • Build a Successful Website. You may choose to monetize travel through establishing a specific travel site. If travel is your passion and you love to investigate and learn about the world you live in, 
    then build a cool website for your eager audience

 Perhaps your travels resulted in a level of expertise that you can share of many insights with others seeking that kind of information. It could be a particular location to travel or specific way to make travel more enjoyable, adventurous, unique. If you have a perspective, then share it. You may like to sum up your expertise and passion and be a guide for people that would like to have experience like yours, but organized for them.

  • Set up a Facebook Page. You can monetize travel by releasing and promoting your passion and expertise to the world using enormous potential of the Facebook. You can build a page on Facebook that promotes your work, site of service, or all together. You can do it your self or hire a Facebook promotion specialist who has a proven track record to increase your page exposure and popularity.

You can use this and other ideas even if you decide not to monetize travel. I would still encourage you to communicate value of travel and start an outflow of your experience, its learning and wisdom. By releasing insights and learning from travel trip into the world, you give it a power of purposeful continuum to transform yourself and others. It will become an object outside of you, figuratively speaking and will possess objective significance to radiate its energy instead of it being only a memory slowly loosing its luster overtime.

Monetize Travel

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