Why Bother With Meditation Practice?

Meditation practice is a means by which we can become increasingly self-aware and build up a strong sense of emotional positivity. Then, departing from this base of awareness we can act in the world creatively, in ways that are helpful to ourselves and others.

Meditation practice helps to notice our own mental states and direct them in positive direction. It is a way to get to know your our own mind, our own mental and emotional states — ourselves more deeply. By getting to know ourselves more deeply, we can encourage awareness and kindness to arise in a sense of fulfillment and abundance expressed in more compassionate actions and non-judgmental attitudes.

Scientists And Scholars Examine The Power Of Meditation

This way we can bring ourselves, our minds to a commencement of a cycle of positive actions in the world, which in turn will reflect awakened positive mental states. It is like setting a compassionate cycle in motion.

Meditation Cushions and Timers

Meditation practice doesn't need to have any religious taste to it, yet it could be a very effective practice for deepening ones own spiritual awareness. It is a path of courage with the profound reward built into it. 

To describe this reward would only diminish its value, as freedom is an experiential awareness. It is a path of courage to meet yourself as you are.

Throughout our life we realize ourselves playing numerous roles: an employee at work, a spouse or parent at home or unconditionally supportive companion in a circle of friends. There are many roles in between that arise from one situation to another. 

In meditation we have an opportunity to let them all collapse, disappear and leave us free. We can experience bare awareness of all misperceptions of ourselves and reality, requiring our mind to build infinite fences, screens and decorations to conceal what we otherwise disapprove of ourselves. 

We get an opportunity to see through that — our idea of who we are; that which we think needs protection, concealment and embellishment. In meditation we get an opportunity to witness who we are.

To take this opportunity to a full potential might take some time for us, as we initially tend to allow only certain parts of ourselves to show up in meditation. But in time we gather courage to experience freedom and let all of us to show up: beauty and the beast. 

There are a great number of meditation practices. While on the road traveling, it is very helpful to choose one that is basic, which promotes direct awareness — the mindfulness of breathing meditation . Mindfulness includes a strong element of engagement and pleasure. There is a sense of expansion to it, a sense of opening and deep sense of clarity and purpose. Mind gets to relax and be flexible and ready to engage positively with anything. 

Meditation practice implies the effect of healing of the mind. When you are approaching meaningful travel journey as therapy, practicing 
loving-kindness meditation is very helpful for dissolving a perceived isolation and unblocking the positive intentions for yourself and others involved in situations that affected you. It is very powerful for bringing the mind into balance from hurt into forgiveness and to nurture a whole, most compassionate vision of yourself. 

Solo travel is a natural set up for a mindful self-investigation. During travel, you are presented with numerous opportunities for walking, be it on the hikes or between destinations. With intention for mindfulness, you can convert these activities into walking meditation practice. Not only you will be traveling through space, but you will cleansing the space of the mind as well and bring a deeper presence into experience. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Walking Meditation