Meditation For Traveler - Mindfulness of Movement.

MEDITATiON FOR TRAVELER is a variant of meditative practice that naturally fitting into repertoire of travel activities. While sightseeing, trekking and hiking, walking meditation could be used as one of the spiritual wellness methods. 

The outcome of practice is aimed at unloading the conceptual attachments of the mind and brining it into the experience of fuller presence and resultant richness of pure awareness.

Meditation reconnects us with stillness inside of ourselves, allowing us to rekindle the joy and equanimity that sustain our lives. It allows us to live from a deeper place of wisdom and meaning. 

Imagine living from a place where your experience of life is broadened by sheer presence of your awareness to all that is available in the moment of now? Meditation is the technology to do that. Walking meditation is geared up to expand toward similar goals as sitting meditation practice — to "defragment" mind from conceptual relationship with reality.

As a traveler you are very fortunate position of using a lot of walking. Most likely you will encounter various possibilities for transporting your body using your own legs. Why not use moments of monotonous walking to expand your awareness and increase your experience of freedom? 

Walking meditation practice is usually done with intention and a regimen. If you decide to dedicate specific time to practice walking meditation that's even better. Yet you can set a clear intention to walk mindfully whenever you have to walk for extended period of time to your destination or when you are hiking. It truly is a meditation for traveler.

You might have already noticed that when you were crossing a demanding terrain, your awareness could not go much anywhere else besides choosing a stable footing for your next step. If you paid attention to your mind, then you could notice an amazingly abiding mental calm. There simply was no room for the mind to wander from the present moment — your physical being was depending on its focus in the now. This mental calm you might have experienced as a flood of elation later. 

This is how walking with intention of mindfulness works as a meditation for traveler. It is not presented as a formal practice, but as a method to gain benefits while engage in therapeutic travel.Meditation for traveler was developed as early as other foundational meditation practices. Walking meditation was continuously used by pilgrims and other holy people since ancient times as they traveled by foot over great distances. 

Meditation for Traveler.

Set an intention for walking meditation, either specifically for its sake, or while transporting your body across distance.
Consciously mark a focal point of your walk and let your mind relax into the body.
Direct your awareness into your body, to the sensations of the clothes touching it. 
Feel how your feet float inside your shoes, if you wear any.
Notice the temperature, a breeze and a sunlight touching your face.
Bring your focus close to where you are stepping to maintain safe visual contact 
with the terrain of earth surface.
Become aware of sensations of your feet making contact with earth. 

Notice how your feet interchange holding the weight of your body. 
Become aware of the variations in angles and texture of the surface and how your feet adopt to accommodate your body.
Pay attention to constantly changing tension in the muscles your calves and how it is conveyed to the rest of your legs.
Look ahead to where a projected path will lead you, but don't look too far away to not distract your mind with speculations. 
Keep your awareness in the immediacy of moving your feet.
If you are using a walking stick, feel how it fits your hands. 
Notice how it helps your body to redistribute its weight.
Listed to the sound that your shoes make as they make contact with earth surface.
Notice the gravity pull as your body floats from support of one foot onto another.
If your attention wanders off into thoughts, just bring it back into experience of walking. 

Make a measured effort of being mindful in this awareness practice. 
Envelop it into a distance between points or have it measured by time. 
If you approach it casually, the results will be adequate to the effort. 
I would recommend not to float in and out of walking meditation as with greater concentration you will achieve greater mental calmness.

It goes without saying that silence is absolutely important whether you walking solo or in a group of others. 

Make walking meditation enjoyable and start with a doable distance or timing. Start with ten minutes of solid concentrated practice.In time as you experience more success in holding your attention, you will be able to even do walking meditation in a midst of a busy city. 

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