What is your Meaning of Travel?

What is your insight into a meaning of travel? Do you travel for entertainment or you travel for meaning? Naturally it could include both, as meaning is very entertaining sometimes. 

To experience meaningful travel, you don't have to have a one of a kind itinerary or unusual way of transportation like a pogo stick. Meaningful travel experience requires:

  • Genuine Inspiration
  • Attitude of Learning
  • Step out of a comfort zone

Value of travel very often shows up through the effect it has on our awareness of the world and our place in it. Meaningful travel helps us to uncover deeper aspects of ourselves; it assists us in shedding limiting ideas about ourselves and inspires us to creatively manifest those changes in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

What This Woman Learned From Travel

Secretly value of travel stays in our hearts, even if we can't immediately convey it through words. However, once inner transformation bears its fruit, we recognize its impetus borne by travel. 

We might become more tolerant and less narrow-minded. We may gain more confidence and begin accept more responsibility for projects at work and fulfillment of our heart's desire. 

We may learn the importance of travel in our lives through the way it changes us. We may begin to care more deeply for the world we live in, recognizing that it is really our home shared by many beings. 

We might suddenly come to realization that how we connecting to others is more powerful than fulfillment of requirements for being cool. We may begin to sense that our life should be measured by experiences rather than things collected. 
Yet meaningful trip often has a deeply individual flavor.

What Is The Meaning Of Travel?

Why do you like to travel? Please share what makes travel meaningful for you.

Meaningful Travel Experiences Of Others

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