Loving-Kindness Meditation For Therapeutic Travel.

Loving-Kindness Meditation practice provides healing effect on the mind. When you are approaching meaningful travel journey as therapy, practicing loving-kindness meditation is very helpful for dissolving a perceived isolation and unblocking the positive intentions for yourself and others involved in situations that affected you
It is very powerful practice for bringing the mind from a fracture of hurt and obsession into a balance and serenity of a natural flow for nurturing a more accurate, whole and compassionate vision of yourself.

Loving-Kindness Meditation Instructions

Begin loving-kindness meditation by resting your body in a comfortable position, sitting on a cushion or on a chair. Bring your awareness to the sensations of your body, breathing into areas that feel tense or constricted.

Sit upright with dignity and graciousness. Take three slow deep breaths, breathing though your nostrils, down into your belly, expanding the diaphragm and finally the chest. Exhale effortlessly, settling the body in its resting state.

Attend to the rhythm of your breath for few moments, letting it flow unconstrained by restless thoughts and emotions. Seek subtle joy of serenity and inner calm. Release the worries of the day, release anticipations of the future, and settle into the only reality there is now: present.Settle your awareness into a mode of simple witnessing, a space of relaxation, stillness and clarity 

Now, from within this serenity, arouse your imagination with three questions. The first one: What would I love to receive from the world in order to have a happy, meaningful, and fulfilling life? Some of the things could be of material nature, such as food, housing, medical care and clothing. 

While other requisites might be intangible, such as wise counsel on your spiritual journey, peace, harmony in your environment and supportive company of others. Bring clearly to mind the things you desire to meet your basic needs. Then allow the yearning to arise: may these authentic desires be fulfilled!

Now pursue this vision for your own happiness even deeper. Clearly see your basic needs being fulfilled, and inquire further into what more you would love to receive from the people around you and from the environment at large. 

What could they provide you that would help you find the happiness you are questing? You may bring to mind both tangible and intangible things, whatever you feel would assist you in fulfilling your heart's desire. 

Imagine that the world rises up to meet you, here and now, and provides you with all the external support that is needed to fulfill your aspirations. 

Each of us is constantly changing from moment to moment, day to day, as our bodies and minds are continually in a state of flux. 

The next question is:What kind of a person do I want to become? What personal qualities do I want to possess? You are changing all the time whether you choose to or not, so envision the changes you would love to experience in your evolution as a human being. 

Imagine both short-term and long-term changes. And as you envision the person you would love to evolve into, imagine that this transformation is taking place, here and now. 

None of us lives in absolute isolation from others, no matter where or how we live. We can't help but influence those around us through both our action and our inaction. We are making an impact on the world, whether we want to or not. Then ask yourself the third question:

What would I love to offer to the world, to those around me and to the environment at large? What kind of a mark would I love to make on the world?

Invite this vision into your field of consciousness, embellishing it with as many details as you think of, and then imagine that this dream is being realized here and now. 

Just as you seek happiness for yourself, so do all the people in your neighborhood yearn for their own fulfillment.

Expand the field of your loving awareness to embrace each sentient being, human and nonhuman, in your neighborhood, wishing, "May each of you, like myself, find the happiness you seek, and may you cultivate its true causes!"

Continue to extend your loving-kindness to everyone around you, gradually expanding your circle until it includes all beings throughout the world, each one seeking happiness just like you.

Based on instructions for loving-kindness meditation by B. Alan Wallace, PhD in "Genuine Happiness", Chapter 8. 

This Loving-Kindness Meditation is also a very powerful nourishment for self-esteem as it bridges your internal world with others through the power of visualization.

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