Transformation With Letting Go Ritual.

Letting go ritual has appeared as an esoteric practice to purify subtle level of consciousness, our energy system that is beyond reach of ordinary thinking.
Very often our progress on the physical plane of existence is hindered by energetic blockages on the subtle unconscious level of being. To clarify and remove an attachment to a pattern or a relationship that is no longer functional, it becomes very important and practical to perform a ritual of letting go.

Quite often changes in our vitality, enthusiasm and vibrancy of presence is manifested in decreased enjoyment of life as a result of our energy still being invested in the past or with someone across the distance, or in unconscious beliefs that are no longer support our personal evolution. 

Sometimes after giving a whole-hearted effort to change yourself and exploring conscious level of awareness, there might be a feeling of emotional attachment that is particularly stubborn and not easily identified by a rational thinking. It could be felt as nagging paralysis of your energy system on a very subtle level. 

Performing a letting go ritual can help release negative energy — a blockage that limits experience of wholeness, freedom and enjoyment of life on unconscious level.

Among several variations of energetic cleansing ritual, fire transformation ritual is the most accessible and immediate one into which we can symbolically release our patterns, limitations and bonds.

Fire Letting Go Ritual.

Fire is a powerful symbol that consumes indiscriminately with remarkable evidence of total elimination. When you're decide to surrender your inner struggles to the fire do it safely.

Begin the ritual with the offer of something aromatic to the fire, something like a spice or natural incense. Imagine as if you offer it to the whole world without discrimination. This is necessary to invoke state of generosity, openness which promotes unclenching mind's tendency to grasping. 

Then surrender to the fire everything that you like to let go. Make a list of personal qualities and behaviors that hold you back. If you worked with release of unexpressed feelings, then this will be naturally next step. If you like to severe the attachment to someone, have their image or name written down ready to commit to fire. 

As you're about to put these symbols into the fire, concentrate one-pointedly and exhale on them intently, while imagining that all negativity from your body and mind is expelled with the breath. Put everything into the fire.

Repeat this renunciation statement:
"I, (name), release myself and others from all vows, agreements, promises, commitments and covenants of the past that no longer serve me, for the highest good of All concerned." 

Conclude transformation ritual with acknowledging whatever you aspire to accomplish or to be more. State it out loud. 

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