Journey Departure -
Precipice of Adventure.

Travel journey departure is an exciting stage in the travel process and might feel like a magical passage into the world rich with discovery. It is a point of transition from familiar to unknown. Trip departure is an event in space and time that you could use to merge with your dream or begin to experience the paradox of being comfortable without having a sense of external control.

 This is a silver lining of travel - a close encounter and expansion of inner comfort zone. In order for you to grow and transform, leaving comfort zone is essential.

Departure alone is one of my favorite stages, as it gives me a taste of profound release: once I passed security check, there is not much could be done to reverse the decision. Once you've made it this far, it is quite an accomplishment — acknowledge yourself for it.

It is a truly experience of sweet surrender: it is the reflection of full gravity of my dedication to unfolding experience of discovery, insight and intuition. Trip departure also represents cutting the ties to the past, especially if you are going to travel for a longer time. 

In light of using travel as soul therapy, there are few points to observe for setting in motion a transformative process. By beginning to see your journey as a metaphor for life, apply the same view toward a journey and start drawing an insight from beneath the surface of this experience.

As you stand on the brink of departure into unknown territory and inner expansion, fear of new experiences may begin to fill your reality. Find help to become aware and overcome fear of unknown.

Preparation to travel for rich psychological and spiritual enrichment should include dedicated time to review these aspects before departure.

Preparation for Travel Journey Departure

  • Bring the impulse to go on the trip to your conscious awareness. Try to locate deeper clues that would indicate your soul's yearning for transformation or change. The impulse could appear as a reaction to certain situation in your life or as a desire for exploring yourself in the world. Whatever it is that led you to commit to journey departure, recognize it.
  • Your journey departure represents an intention to experience greater freedom. That could appear as a freedom from current circumstances of your life that manifest as not yet recognized search for freedom from mental conditions of limited perception of reality.

    Take a look at your intentions for who you to become. Being free is very easy and is a lot of joy. To become free is difficult as it involves giving up attachment, habits and superficial knowledge.
  • From the travel soul therapy perspective it is useful before travel departure to become clear of your attachments. 
    By consciously examining nature of your attachments, you can arrange to leave your emotional baggage. With that you could begin immersing deeper into inner experience of the journey and liberate new energy, creative expression and an insight into your heart's desire.
  • To have authentic travel experience sometimes requires to be able to be in a midst of utter chaos and be okay. To be able to do so, you'll be challenged to know yourself better.

Who Are You?

Start journey departure by deciding to hold a positive perception of life. What it means is dropping mental limitations of perceiving reality as static with your assumed fixed place in it.

It is about decision to use time of being with yourself for aligning closer with your soul's purpose — to learn and grow. It is an intention to see all your reactions to whatever situation you find yourself, both positive and negative, internal and external as guideposts for your growth and transformation.

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