Create Inspired Vision
For The Life After Travel.

Having an Inspired Vision for your life after return from travel is a potent hedge against pressures and influences of others to "return" you to the way you were. If you went on solo vacation with intention of self-renewal and soul therapy, then it would be an imperative to manifest a life reflecting your heart's desire.

As you stepped out of a comfort zone on many occasions of your journey, you experienced many insights, you took numerous risks and it resulted in subtle changes in your beliefs about yourself and your universe.

When you return after travel you will face again the group of people and a culture, — your family and friends, your tribe and society that remembers you certain way. It is inevitable that you will experience subconscious pressure to return to the way you were known. 
The group will show its difference immediately and it will be felt through a disagreement with your values. You most likely will feel the pressure in the loss of connection through subtle disagreement, even non-vocal one. 

This is a taste of freedom. Freedom can only be experienced through individuality. You can be a part of a group agreement, but it will be on your own terms, by your own assessment. Your experience of freedom will become manifest in self-confidence and for that you will have to be prepared to pay the price.

When returning from a therapeutic travel with an intent to overcome the challenge of surrendering to habitual life full of undesirable causes and conditions, you need to sustain a stable perspective of your new reality.

  • Without Inspired Vision upon return from therapeutic travel, you will come upon influences of your tribe, circumstances and your own perceptual interpretations of reality that will be reactionary. Without a direction life is like a sail boat without a navigator — it will be a subject to winds and best guesswork of a captain. The strongest influence will dominate decisions for your life.It is a difficult way to be without having an inspired vision for your life. Most of us raised with conditioned minds and personalities to fit in, otherwise we are thought to be outcasts or troublemakers. To fit in were taught to look for acceptance and recognition of the family, tribe or society. 

    From an early childhood we allowed a TV to tell-a-vision to us. And as we learned to emulate it, we became subjects to the group's whims and beliefs — subconsciously we learn to make choices that coincide with consciousness of the group. But you don't have to be a troublemaker being an individual, all you have to do is to follow your choices while respecting the choices of others.

How to face return from travel.

  • What kind of an Inspired Vision would you like to manifest in your life? This is the easiest act of co-creating. Yet because it is so decisive, most of the people avoid it, preferring "things just happen" to them, thus thinking that they will avoid "authorship" of their life situation. Alas, they still co-create their vision, but that vision is a subject of external influences and unconscious impulses. Having an inspired, heart-felt vision leads to taking responsibility for one's inner causes that give rise to manifest reality.

    To make new reality, look for clues that give you inspiration to feel more alive and fully present. If you were paying attention on your trip to your thoughts and emotions, you might have uncovered your heart's desire. That is the true source of the inspired vision.

    This is a blueprint for your mind to manifest a heart inspired vision into reality. As per blueprint for contractor, the more attention is given to details, the more likely it will be built accordingly. Your subconscious mind is co-creating nonstop based on blueprint of images and emotions.

    To initiate your Inspired Vision, read it out loud to yourself with enthusiasm and belief. I recommend making a recording of it — that way you can listen to it and follow along visualizing it in your mind's eye.