Invocation Of The Inner Guide.

Prepare yourself to contact your inner guide.
Find a quiet place where you can spend time alone undisturbed.
Let your mind and your body settle naturally with a few deep breaths. 
In your mind's eye let a face of a wise old man or a woman appear. Whose eyes express great compassion and love for you.

Please note that this old man or a woman knows everything about you; your triumphs and loses, your confusions and gambles, your compulsions and fears. This person completely accepts you just as you are.

Ask this image in whichever way is best: non-verbally, through visual reference or asking question out-loud. 

Spend as much time in this dialogue as needed using presence of the inner knowing to understand better directions, choices, answers you are looking for. 

Stay engaged in a dialogue as long as you need. 
Write down what happened, while evaluating and amplifying gained insights.

** If you can't get image to appear, try to imagine a candle flame burning steadily first, then let his or her face appear in its center ** 

As you gain more practice, the use of the image may be less necessary, as you contact with the inner counselor will gain clarity and immediacy. 

It may take a form of an inner voice or direct knowing of what is best for you.Over time your intuition practice will grow into seamless expression of loving and wisdom transforming your daily life. 

If the figure that appears is authoritative and critical, then discriminate against this voice as it is not your loving counselor, but a judge — a projection of egoic construct.

If you get an answer that is not clear, look for a symbol or a metaphor hidden in it.

Respect your inner voice, your contact with direct knowing and don't use it for banal requests, answers to which are readily available. 
In other words, don't use it to decide what to choose on the menu, chicken pillard or filet mignon. Otherwise you will loose a discriminatory wisdom of your inner guide. 

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