Solo Travel With Inner Guidance.

Solo travel could be a perfect course to develop the inner guidance listening skill.
Traveling alone is like being in a workshop with conducive environment to establish and practice inner connection with innate wisdom of your mind, which is accessible through ethical intention.

Your inner voice is a gateway to inner resources needed to overcome confusing situations and pass other challenging life's lessons. It is your inner guidance system called intuition. 

Using solo experiences of travel has a potential for direct engagement with your inner guide, teacher and wise counselor. Going alone on a trip occasionally positions you face to face with situations where your resourcefulness could be called to action. 

By going away, "up the mountain" on a solo exploration of travel, away from the comfort of routine and predicable living, you could be entering a spiritual practicum.

Driven by hidden desire for change or pressures of arising life events, you will be moving into frontier of self-knowledge. You will be taking a step closer into a workshop of your mind — an inner realm where blueprints of your reality are stored. 

In order to start taking different decisions in order to experience radically different results in your life, you will need to connect to the inner guide, your essential wisdom counselor through the sense of intuition. 

When you feel yearning for change, perhaps as a sense of your heart's desire, you might begin envisioning a new business, more harmonious life or creative expression. You might start to draw an ideal vision to bring it into reality. And commonly the first question that comes up is "HOW?"


Your conscious mind is a library of had experiences. When you ask a question "how?" in traditional sense, that's where your mind goes with a query for an answer that satisfied similar situation in the past. This is the reason why many people going in circles trying hard to change their lives. To receive fresh answers, you need to engage your inner guidance and start practice of co-creation

Each one of us is connected to the source of wisdom and awareness of who we are, our history and unfolding of our life purpose. To contact it we need to go within. As we do, we may better recognize obstacles we are facing in our growth and receive wise counsel and inspiration to resolve them.

The secret to development of successful and immediate inner guidance is to allow yourself to listen to inner voice and practice. Even when at times you confuse it with the "pull" of suppressed desire, it still worth following it. The wisdom you develop in subtleties of discernment is worth the tuition of fine-tuning your intuition listening skills.

Applied wisely, inner guide can help us direct our focus and energies toward personal integration and harmony with our deepest aspirations for fulfilled life.

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