Travel To Expand Inner Comfort Zone.

We reach the barrier of inner comfort zone any time we’re about to change the routine of monotony of living. Established routines are very useful in building blocks for structuring of life. However when we aspire to create life with meaning and purpose and intention to grow, we often encounter the resistance of inner comfort zone.

Travel in general, but especially vacation alone can bring the frontline of the psychological comfort zone to our conscious awareness. The moment we leave behind the security check of an airport behind, the journey into unknown territory begins. Even if we’re going to a place visited before, the elements of our experience are never the same, there’s a factor of unknown that triggers the figurative fence of our secret comfort zone to rise.


Comfort zone is a reflection of totality of your beliefs about who you are, your world, and your capacity for creating desired results regardless of activity. Even though your capacity for a way of being and achievement appears to you externally, the root of your comfort zone is non-physical. It is a type of thinking which could be compared to a creative software program highjacked by self-preservation virus. Comfort zone is defined by our subconscious terror barriers within which we can function without generating acute conscious effort.

Knowing and understanding this gives us motivation for taking personal responsibility for how we respond to everything that happens in our life. Our fullest expression of unique individual potential directly linked to our determination to push out of a comfort zone. 

This is the reason why knowing our highest intention is so important, this is where many people confuse subtle resistance of the inner comfort zone for an intuition.


  • Resistance. Mental comfort zone will always dictate a path of less resistance. In other words it will come up with a reason to oppose making a decision that would require a consistent commitment. It will resist you stepping up into a bigger version of life in order to avoid exposure which may threaten false self-esteem that is dependent on external approval. 
  • Fear and Doubt. Mental comfort zone whole purpose is to prevent inner change. Doubt is an intermediary tool to stop curiosity and exploration. It generates emotion of fear any time status quo is threatened by an expansion or breakthrough. 
  • Unfinished Projects. This is a signature of internal comfort zone to stay unconsciously busy, with creative energies occupied without accomplishing anything significant for the sole purpose of avoiding growth and expansion of consciousness. 
  • Abandoned Inspiration. You might be endowed with a particular germ of a talent or an idea for service, business or creative expression. However pursuing them would require leaving comfort zone of a fantasy, where everything seems possible and to risk a failure. It may develop in a cynical view of reality and a habitual avoidance of creative action crystalizing as despair and laziness. 
  • Stagnant Relationships. Relationships, our tribe and emotional attachments to others also manifest our inner comfort zone. These relationships are formed not around support for development of highest potential and creative expression, but reflect codependency of approval for remaining inert, predictable and dependent on distractions to avoid a threat of responsibility for purpose filled life.
  • Limited Self-Expression. Self-Expression has an explosive potential for busting a terror barrier of inner comfort zone. Therefore to avoid this perceived calamity, self-expression will be cautiously measured even avoided to preserve psychological comfort of being buried away.
  • Limited Self-Knowledge. The key to the preservation of psychological comfort zone is limited knowledge of Who Am I? Clinging to the inner comfort zone is an elaborate scheme to keep you from the highest purpose - inner transformation within flow of life and its constant change.


Our psychological comfort zone is an evolutionary response, an instinct of self-preservation. It is set for the maintenance of survival. However as a human being we have precious capacity to realize our highest potential of enlightened nature. 

In order to thrive we need to be freed from a commanding grip of psychological comfort zone and instead using it to guide us inwardly to the places of our consciousness that need expansion the most. 

Our inner transformation, our ability to realize genuine happiness and thrive into full expression of our soul potential is directly linked with our awareness and courage to transcend the boundaries of our comfort zone. 


Therapeutic travel has inherent silver lining of having conditions supporting inner comfort zone disrupted through distance and introducing a level of anxiety, high enough to elicit unexpected performance.

Journey into unknown territory is unpredictable and it requires making decisions and commitments.

Meaningful travel presents opportunities for introspection and soul searching.

Vacation alone gives a broader perspective on the depth and quality of our relationships.


  • Journaling. Record situations when your inner comfort zone was challenged for later review and process.
  • Life Visioning. Embolden your daily actions with a view of a larger purpose. Imagine how your life would be ten years from now. How would you like it be, who you would like to become, and with who you would like to be in with you in that life.
  • Affirmations. Encourage your choices to be aligned with your heart’s desire.
  • Complete Cycle of Actions. Inventory and conclude unfinished business where you left invested energy of your consciousness. 
  • Take Risks. Gradually and safely increase your tolerance for risks. Take actions. Understand the fear of unknown.
  • Review Relationships. Gracefully let go of relationships that no longer of service to your growth and direction of life with meaning and purpose.

As you begin to expand your psychological comfort zone, be mindful of pressures coming from your relationships to “return” you to the way you were before. If you worked on transforming yourself during meaningful trip, when you come back it might feel that you don’t quite fit in. When you distinguish a pressure to bring you back in the rhythm of old relationships and beliefs, beware that it's the comfort zone dynamic of the group trying to fit you back.

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