Increase Self-Confidence With Travel.

Going away from home to travel has a potential to increase self-confidence.     It is a process of increasing self-knowledge where you can be a participant and a researcher of your inner process of growth and increasing awareness. 
When we look back on the trips we took, what stands out in memory as something truly valuable? Was it something that enriched life with meaning and purpose? Was it something that required to break our inertia and attend to situation with all awareness and increase self confidence 

A byproduct of adventure travel is self-confidence development. The whole idea of adventure consists of moments when we act on purpose beyond the ordinary way we think of our own abilities. This is the reason that adventure travel has so much potential to transform us. As we allow ourselves to immerse into unknown territory or route externally, we can immediately recognize internal shift in self confidence.

As you leave the boundary of the familiar living, meaningful travel journey by its nature takes you on to test and expand self-knowledge. It occurs through immediate exposure of what is comfortable and what is not on all levels of experience. 
Once the elaborate safe sanctuary of home is left behind, the only retreat you might have available on the road is a hotel room. You're potentially walking on unknown territory that requires vigilance and fortitude to increase self-confidence. 

You increase self-confidence by whole-heartedly embracing travel experience as adventure of your soul, where you are a hero. Any time you take risk, doing something new or attempting a new way of doing something familiar whether it is as small as venturing off a predictable itinerary or as big as embarking on independent expedition — risk of unknown presents a chance to increase self-confidence and experience heroism.

Meaningful travel also has in it a chance to increase self-confidence through the immediate feedback from a link between decision and the outcome. As many decisions that you encounter on the road have profound effect on the depth and quality of your journey. 
In ordinary life, there is a routine that serves as a structure preventing you from having a high dynamic range of decisions: you might have a job, school, partnership or other obligations that hold a nucleus of your life. When you travel, you may make decisions spontaneously resulting in sheer adventure and it is alluring thrill of travel. 

Traveling alone is a rapid way to increase self-confidence and expand risk tolerance. Expanding comfort zone is in direct relation with developing self- knowledge. It could be verified by your own recollection of a truly meaningful moments in your life and most likely you will detect that it somehow had to do with increase of self-confidence and self-awareness development. 

Conscious travel exposes our hidden thoughts and habits due to the absence of predictable environment and security of established relationships and culture. It presents an opening into unknown — exposes our fear of unknown and a chance to increase our tolerance for risk, making fresh choices relying on faith to increase self-confidence.

Elements of travel that increase self-confidence.

  • Prepare your mindset - set an intention for discovery.

  • Explore. Step aside from a frequented tourist stop or landmark. Step back and search for different perspective.

  • Diviate from the path, guidebook or convenient timing, but investigate for dangers (ex. don't go off the trail along the Cambodian border).

  • Create your own trip route. Hire a local person as guide.

  • Take Advantage of uniqueness of the place and do a first person report on it with pictures and description.

Taking risk by stepping into unknown refines and demands our increased attention which may bring an intense state of self-awareness. This is one of the reasons that mountain climbers, skydivers and others engage in adventure activities and report back with feeling of having a more relaxed mind, a sign of increase in self-confidence.

There's an indicator if your trip worked to increase self-confidence. It is usually accompanied by a feeling of being intensely alive and a buoyant state of mind. What happens when we increase self-confidence, we realize clearer purpose-filled life, our self-esteem is rising, we experience more gratitude and more power to follow heart's desire — the hero's journey. 

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