POWER of Ideal Life Vision.

How to create Ideal Life vision. State of mind that you experienced during travel, a sense of profound release from the conceptual burden of the mind might have open an insight into how you would like your life to be — an Ideal Life vision. 

This could be a precious opportunity to use this clarity and inspiration and create a new blueprint for life. It is like being a driver and having a road completely to yourself — it is exhilarating. 

After returning from travel the clarity and ease of inspiration might be dulled by life demands of conventional survival. It might be even challenged or oppressed by the group whose interest is in perpetuating the same structure of life, regardless of quality of it.
In order to succeed, you need to give an Ideal Life vision a dedicated, conscious attention. 

If you asked yourself a question, "Who Am I?", you would begin to gather an insight into the truth of what makes individual's reality. Reality is a multi-layered creation. Briefly speaking, it is formless energy given a form in a thought realm through various vehicles of perception — consciousness. 

Thought gives energy a form through intention. Your intentions show up in how you feel, how you behave and live your life — you make decisions based on your programmed beliefs and attitudes and it appears as formed reality. Intentions are reflected in every decision and every experience, yours and others. 

Most people create life's experiences by default, believing that this is just the way things supposed to be or that they just got dealt this particular lot in life by fate. They fail to notice that their life is a reflection of others making decisions for them. In order for you to change a "shape" of your reality, you need to initiate a change in your consciousness.

To effectively create an Ideal Life blueprint is to build from the top down. This is another reason most people end up under influence of others because they are conditioned to think the other way: just to try harder. But trying harder with the same blueprint for life will bring only more of the same.

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Start building your Ideal Life by getting in touch with desire of your heart. It will not be influenced by envy or competition, it will be uniquely yours and connected to your soul's purpose. It will feel like a possible and believable version of your life and that's where you start. Remember that the intellect and creativity are the tools to be used in service to the heart.

Steps To Create Ideal Life vision.

  • Take time and describe in details how you would like to experience your life.
  • Write it down in a present tense, describe it in as many details as you can possibly imagine.
  • You can start by focusing on a "day in your life" and then expand it on to a larger perspective of your career, business, health, possessions, relationships, hobbies and service.
  • Infuse your Ideal Life vision with a language of gratitude and enthusiasm. It is important that you stay emotionally connected to what you are describing, otherwise you will not believe it.
  • Verify that your beliefs are aligned with the Iblueprint for life. Your beliefs govern your intentions. And intentions form your reality by keeping your mind open to opportunities for manifestation.

To support yourself and gain momentum to bring Ideal Life vision to reality, become familiar with co-creation process.

Begin implementing strategies for success by braking newly envisioned blueprint for life into action steps of life development plan.

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