Free Yourself By
Healing Through Time.

Our mind exists beyond time. And this is why healing through time is possible as a very effective method allowing us to work with energy that remains associated with past experiences. By accessing our past memories with intention of releasing and becoming free through reframing, there is a way to heal past experiences which affect our lives in present time through the prism of associated beliefs.

What we recognize and relate to as "self" is a stream of experience in eternal moment of now. We collect experiences that match our pattern of beliefs, assumptions and projections. Reality itself does not exist without an observer — the Copenhagen convention of quantum mechanics states that. As an observer we define our individual reality by selecting bits and pieces of totality. 

How we choose to view and evaluate our reality inevitably gives us an emotional experience of it. Most of the time we do it subconsciously where all the memories and conclusions are packaged into a memory archive. 

Every one of us has a unique view of reality through the filter of made up conclusions, our own and our caretakers' when we were growing up. We superimpose this filter over what is taking place in the stream of experience and notice, register and able to observe only that which we expect.

Partially a state of enlightenment is available for us when we are able to view a whole stream of experience, without conceptualizing parts of it. Thus  metaphorically speaking avoiding building a dam across the flow, identifying with it and seeing the flow as limited to our concept. And the most remarkable part of it is we believe that our construct is the truth. That is the recipe for not so positive emotions, competition and hostility. 

Even if we had a detrimental experience where we were a perpetrator or a passive participant, we are capable of healing through time. I am not implying that the consequences of improper act could be deleted, not. But the static view arresting the flow of experience in the present can be healed through time in the past.

And this is a wonderful news as we can take responsibility for our parts of experience and free ourselves from binds of limiting interpretation of reality, beliefs and mental assumptions, to grow spiritually to enjoy potential and purpose of our lives.

The intention of healing through time is to bring our memory of life's event to a more balanced and self-supportive view of reality. We can choose what to believe about our experience independently of the event itself. This is one of the processes to rebuild self. You can cure causes of your separation by rebuilding memory of the experience with an attitude of learning approach to life.


  1. Find a place where you could remain undisturbed for the length of the session. If its helpful, close your eyes, relax and invoke inner cooperation. Scan your mind to be free from resistance.
  2. In your mind bring the event or situation that you would like to be healed. Let the situation unfold as you remember it, regardless of whether you were active or passive participant. At this point activate your mindfulness and pay attention to the words and symbols that are associated with this experience in your mind. Specifically pay attention to the comments and judgments about yourself and others associated with this event. Let the even unfold in your mind as much as you can allow it this time.

  3. Realize that this is YOUR PERCEPTION of the event, even your subconscious might insist that this is THE EVENT. With understanding of the truth that you are not your behaviors, thoughts or feelings, begin to observe the event with empathy for all participants, beginning with yourself. Begin to see that at the time of the event happening everyone involved was attempting to achieve their own best conclusions, however they were according to awareness at the time.
  4. Shift your perspective on the event from seeing it as "problem" into one with a positive perspective by asking "what did I learn because of this?" Open your creativity and choose to see positive lessons you received from this situation. Ask what is the opportunity for learning is presented here. State clearly the lessons learned. Restate the event from a positive perspective.

  5. Close this session with a gratitude to yourself for courage to accept responsibility for the lesson. Acknowledge yourself for caring and willingness to participate in healing through time.You may spend some time reveling in the feelings of self-loving and gratitude to encourage learning attitude toward life.

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