Gap Year Travel, why to do it.

You may consider using Gap Year travel as a deliberate path of development as a whole person, as a human, a professional or as student.
Whether you consciously instigate having time off before you enter a college or career path after graduation or not, it might be your Gap Year. 
How are you going to use this time can have a far reaching effect, whether you decide to use it actively as a designer of your life or wait for another round of admission and a set of interviews.

Organizations like Global Gap, Projects Abroad, Thinking Beyond Borders can help to organize, or plug you into a ready-made program. A setup is evolved around volunteer vacations with activities ranging from working an elephant camp in Northern Thailand, installing solar power in remote Indian villages or planting trees in Guatemala and Peru. It usually pairs up a student with accommodations with a host family, meals and medical care.

Reasons to consider Gap Year travel:

  • End of dependent routine. You could feel it internally: the world as you know it is about to expire. A predictable structure of daily routine is going to disappear with the last act of graduation.

    The environment you grew to know and attach to provided an anchor for your routine is about to be pulled up and familiar surroundings that you could navigate blindfolded are about to be left behind. 

    The school or college ties and friends are going to transfer from immediacy of physical interaction onto abstract plane of memory. The same will go for your family, you are very likely to start long-distance relationships. 

    The familiarity of demands presented in term papers and weekly assignments of your fairly simple school or college life are about to be curtailed and you may sense a precipice of the great unknown. 

    With a plunge forward, you subconsciously know that you will be facing new schedules and arranged demands for your energy. It may even feel that one life is about to end and give rise to another. This intricate tapestry of feelings can be a strand in a weave of reasons to elect gap year travel as a conscious strategy.

  • Avoid Burnout. With so much energy invested into crossing the finish line of school or college education with highest marks, it is almost impossible to have it accomplished without significant amount of stress. Instead of rushing into joining another "assembly line" of your life, considering a gap year travel might be a holistic alternative to "push and burn" approach.

  • Individuation: Knowing Yourself. On the brink of graduation, when everyone is in a rush onto assumed next stage in life, whether it is college or a corporate job, you may use gap year travel as a path to self-exploration.
    By engaging a gap year travel you may use it to step aside and take a broader look at a direction of your life and examine what has influence upon you.
    You might harbor doubts how you are regarded by other people and use this time for self-reflection to understand what defines you, and how to treat your identity.

    You might be a healthy sceptic and would like to take inventory of your beliefs and assumptions that govern your relationships with yourself and the world.
    Your life could have been well provided and somehow insulated so far and you could sense an inner quest to get in touch with the your own meaningful values and priorities.

  • Gain Knowledge of the World. Post-graduation travel can afford you excellent conditions to investigate how the whole world is connected and interdependent. Take a mental step back to where you from to gain a better perspective on available opportunities. 

    Develop practical perception on advantages a disadvantages of cultural beliefs, social and political systems. You may observe the value of environmental consideration and effects of its disregard.


What Are Potential Benefits of Gap Year Travel?

Among other effects of post-graduation travel, these are extremely valuable in defining the course of your life.

  • Discover your Heart's Desire. Come back energized with clear vision of what's you would like to pursue in your studies or career. By stepping off the rushing time-line of commonly assumed accomplishments, you would be in contact with the broader world and that could give you a contrast to gauge your heart's desire. Having this knowledge will give you an unshakeable focus to dedicate energy towards meaningful goals aligned with your heart.

  • Clarify your Values and Priorities. By using a gap year travel you could be like a painter stepping aside from the canvas to take a broader look at the whole picture. Thus you would have a chance to recognize what is actually important to you and pursue it whole-heartedly. The outcome of it could become your life legacy.

  • Practice Responsibility. By immersing yourself into volunteer work during a gap year travel you could be learning and practicing responsibility to yourself and others. You will learn that responsibility is a medium of power and true sense of it comes from within. Every choice you carry through on your own expands your power capacity.

  • Grow into Authentic Individuality. Gap year travel can be an optimal condition to recognize what is meaningful to you and engage life with authenticity — to become an individual not swayed by ranks of popularity or fad. 
    You may learn to recognize that it is you who directs life through intentions.
    You will have a better chance to discover that through knowing yourself you have power to choose freedom from unwelcome influences.

    With more awareness of freedom comes courage of creativity and expression of love. If you do something from a place of love, doing it is be free of resistance to difficulties.
    Spending time away from pulls and pushes of routine demands, you may become familiar with some potent faculties you have such as:

    Observer-Investigator. You may develop a valuable self-growth skill of observation, which could be a very effective vehicle of transformation, maturity and achievement.

    Co-Creator. Learn the principles that make life work, 
    steps to convert inspiration into reality.

    Investor of Life Energy. When you observe that your life is like a canvas that you will populate with the energy put behind your intentions, you will consider making a sound investment of your precious life energy. It might be a key to your choice of a career path or life's purpose.

You may consider Gap Year travel as a valuable investment in your life experience. Seek advice of your trusted mentor or counselor, discuss it with a parents if you are dependent. It could be pricey if you go with an organization that handles everything. 

Arranging projects by yourself could cost less. It worth considering that if you don't support yourself yet and parents would have to pay your living expenses anyway, then arranging a Gap Year travel could prove to be a winning choice.

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