Do you know that having a fulfilling life is the intention behind all of our desires? 

Fulfilling life, poetically referred as a nurtured soul is not something that exists independently as some kind of an entity with crude definitions of shape, volume or taste. The term soul is a pointer to a vast interdependent quality of consciousness.

Clouded by limited interpretation of reality as a response to earlier experiences our soul could loose the expression of its intrinsic luminosity. One of the goals of therapeutic approach to travel is to recover this fantastic quality of being fully alive — a fulfilled life.

You most likely had a taste of it when you were traveling. It might have felt like nothing was missing and everything was just right. Perhaps it came to you when time stopped being a governing factor of your daily life. Maybe it came to you in a culmination of rapture of intimation with totality of your experience — Oneness, as a state of sensuous joy known as bliss.

An experience of therapeutic travel is connected to the awareness of a nurtured soul. Within this context, a purpose for going to travel is not to find and somehow assemble the elements of it from experience, but to surround yourself with conditions that promote a direct experience of it naturally from within.

Once you return from travel, where constant flow of new experiences was a normal routine, it is important to be aware that a mundane character of everyday life could be nothing like it. 
To absorb a full benefit of travel which resulted in increased sense of freedom generated through gradual detachment from habitual living of distractions and obligations, it is crucially important to direct this energy into momentum-building Ideal Life Vision. To use the Ideal Life Vision is to take your heart-felt desire as the path to a larger view of fulfilling life. 

It is very important step to give your heart's wish precise direction towards fulfilling life that is meaningful to you, riding a momentum of clarity of priorities and values, ease and inspiration generated through practical way of a traveler.


Once returned from travel not prepared to face the environment full of demands, distraction and indifference, the gains and insights you experienced may gradually begin diminish their value. 

They might even be forgotten or overlaid by concerns and worries of daily survival. Without being prepared, you might be very disappointed like Hebrew Moses in a metaphor of coming back from receiving codex of societal instructions for his wild tribe on the top of Mount Sinai — he destroyed the in-scripted tablets in a fit of disappointment once he saw what ordinary life was like. 
It is very common to experience travel depression after return

What Are The Qualities Of A Fulfilling LIFE?

How To Cultivate A Fulfilling LIFE?


Without some kind of a system for cultivating a fulfilling life, most of us are left to look up to sporadic "feel good" experiences. Nothing wrong with those, however without cultivating inner causes of happiness, we will be wrongfully developing dependency on impulses that render instant gratification. 

To recover innate buoyancy of a nurtured soul, we need to make choices that reflect values of life with meaning and purpose. These soul-nurturing actions are guided by intent for deliberate enrichment and gradual fulfillment of a worthy ideal. 

They are reflecting our wishes and aspirations on each level of our human experience: 

  • PhysicalWhat is good for the body comfort, support and development.
  • Mental: What is good for sharpening of mental faculties of attention and intellect.
  • Emotional: What is good for the cultivation and promotion of positive states of mind that is not done at the expense of others' choices.
  • Spiritual: What promotes wisdom and insight into life's meaning, interconnectedness and reverence for all life.

Fulfilling life is overflowing with goodness for the world. It freely gives of its own fullness. In this article on value of altruism, Matthieu Richard presents a deeper perspective on how fundamental it is for harmonious society.

When coming back from travel, there are often missed expectations of freedom due to quite rigid way that society is structured. We might feel pressured to adapt, to fit in, to sustain our lives. We may come back to a total physical comfort, yet we might start experiencing lack of interest and aroused sense of discovery we always had during the trip.

In order to overcome possible setback and to continue having therapeutic effect of travel, we need to actively attend to and cultivate fulfilling life with intention. It is important to understand that experience of soul nurturing is an ongoing conscious process within ourselves.


Whether you just returned from travel or become inspired to create a fulfilled life, begin incorporating soul-nurturing into self-development plan in order to direct and energize your life.

Self-development program is a very effective tool to change one's circumstances, accelerate creative changes and manifest goals.

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