Why Travel Makes Us Feeling Alive?

When I say that I am feeling alive, it implies that I am responding to the current of the life's energy in fullness of my capacity as a being. 

The feeling of aliveness is most likely to arise when our sense of being is removed from thinking and released to embody the moment. 
There's a big amount of energy tied up inside of ourselves with a pre-occupation with life in a wrong way. It is when we insist on reality being fixed in "our" way. Whereas reality is a constant flux of energy and nothing is fixed. 

When that energy is released, the experience can't be described in words, it can only be equated with pure intensity of feeling alive.
That is the magic of travel, perhaps more often happening in solo travel or prolonged travel filled with adventure of spontaneously arising events. It tends to punch a hole in a structure of our habit of living in a thought realm and opening a flow of consciousness to be united with the totality of the moment - a deep sense of well-being.
It often happens when we surrounded by and feel all-pervading serenity or are completely absorbed in intensity of action.

The energy of travel can bring you into a state that dissolves all concepts of how things are, leaving you with a taste of unexplainable direct experience of oneness, — feeling of a momentary dissolution of time and space. 
It is a state where words become deficient to convey what is happening, become inadequate and unnecessary limitation or even interference. 
It is arrival at the space inside that is ultimately larger and more profound than conceptual capacity of mind. This is a fertile soil for unique travel insight to appear.
It is a state of melting of old self, or at least a temporary dissolution of its fences, felt as inner bliss of timelessness and completeness. 
Our blockage to feeling the most alive rises from confusing our ideas and thoughts about reality for reality itself. 
Vibrant experience of feeling alive frequently accompanies a release of "self" as a concept of life with limiting identity and corralling designations. Liberation of spiritual energy triggered by a combination of inner readiness and conducive environment can lead to a pure and direct experience of wholeness of who you are — freedom of feeling vibrantly alive. 

These magical moments of travel, experiences of feeling alive are of great value and should be collected, recorded and cherished. These precious travel insights come alive once shared and used as energy of inspiration for personal empowerment at times of uncertainty and boredom of ordinary life.

Does Travel Make You Feeling Alive?

What was that moment when travel made you feeling alive the most? We love to travel and it would make us thrilled to experience with you where and what made your trip so vibrant and meaningful.

Travel Makes Others Feeling Alive!

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